View Full Version : Assenza v. City of Los Angeles (CCW Processing & Policy Availability)

09-03-2013, 1:15 PM
Assenza v. City of Los Angeles
Issue: Enforcement of 1995 consent decree requiring LAPD to actually process CCW applications, and to make its CCW policy available at police stations and on its website

2/11/2013 - Ruling on Plaintiff's Motion for attorney's fees.
3/22/2012 - Plaintiff's Motion for OSC.
7/20/2011 - Order on Plaintiff's Motion to Enforce Judgment.
6/11/2010 - Third Amended Judgment.
(lots of intervening crap)
2/4/1998 - Order modifying stipulated Judgment.
3/31/1995 - Case review (initial judgment was sometime around here, but the online record isn't complete).

Trial Court: Superior Court - LA
Case No.: BC115813

Michel & Assoc. News Release (http://michellawyers.com/2011/nracrpaf-legal-action-wins-court-order-forcing-lapd-to-make-ccw-policies-available-at-stations-and-on-lapd-website/)