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08-31-2013, 6:16 PM
Hi all

I just put a model 11 in 308 in jail and was wondering what scope you guys recommended to replace the one that it comes with. also would you guys recommend replacing the trigger?

Any input will help

thanks in advance

08-31-2013, 6:29 PM
Scopes, what's your price range and purpose. Rifle Basix makes a decent, affordable trigger for the Savage.

08-31-2013, 6:37 PM
wanna keep it under 500 for range days at angeles and may double it over as a backup hunting rifle once i get my rem 700

08-31-2013, 6:58 PM
swfa ss fixed 10 power is the next scope im getting. $299

08-31-2013, 6:58 PM
Nikon Prostaff 5 is a good one.

I have a Vortex 6-18x44 with AO I got from Midway for $220. Plus Vortex guarantees their products for life.

08-31-2013, 8:21 PM
What's wrong with the trigger it has now? If you don't like the Nikon scope try Leupold.

08-31-2013, 11:20 PM
Leupold. If you want to spend less get the American made Redfield.

Wrangler John
09-01-2013, 5:13 AM
I use the factory Savage Trigger but then they are all the Target AccuTriggers that adjust down to 10 ounces or so. I found no good reason to change them out.

If you want to change the trigger call these guy's and get informed, and then have them do the install. The Evolution Trigger works best after the action has been trued and timed, requiring sending the barreled action off to them. You can install the Competition Trigger yourself if you have a mind. http://www.sharpshootersupply.com/

I use Bushnell Elite, Leupold, Burris and Weaver scopes. I do not purchase any more Nikon scopes as I found the optical quality sub-par. Another choice is Clearidge, a good solid scope in no frills packaging. Buy the best quality glass you can afford, a good quality scope will last a long time.

09-01-2013, 1:59 PM
thanks everyone for your input! the trigger im just wondering if you guys swap it out in these or not but dont really have a complain as of now. Also dont wanna invest too much in it since i will be getting a rem 700 within the next few months as well so def wanna go all out on that one

09-02-2013, 2:39 AM
This is a pretty good scope:





09-09-2013, 2:07 PM
Did your Model 11 trophy come with a Nikon scope from the factory? The one I purchased last year did. If it does you will probably be completely happy with it.
The Savage model 11 Trophy Hunter that I have in 30-06 has been a joy. I'm happy with the ease of sighting it in. During last year's deer hunt I was blessed to spot a nice 4x4, the rifle came up to my shoulder naturally. Scope was clear and full and I was able to take my first buck in D-9.
When I rechecked my zero for this year's hunt, at 100 yards, first shot was within 1" of bullseye so it got put away untill later this month.
This rifle was recommended to me by a friend who owns one. If you don't spend another dime on it ,you should be happy as is.

09-09-2013, 3:17 PM
If you are going to use it for hunting then get a variable with a low power that will go down to around 3X. Any scope with a low end of 1-4X will work best. A fixed 10X or 6-18X is not a good choice. The field of view will be too small while trying to locate game after they are spotted and it will be much more difficult to get on target especially on moving game at short to medium range.

09-09-2013, 6:46 PM
This will be my choice for long range shooting. For hunting, perhaps the 6x version:
about 500 if you include all the extras like scope rings and scope base, scope caps, sun shade etc. On the same site, the TPS steel scope base and scope rings are good value and high performance from my research. the scope itself is only 299 but being fixed instead of variable, it has a better value and quality per $ than a variable scope in the same price range.
When shooting at the range, I always zoom in all the ways anyway so the variable power is somewhat underused. And BTW, there is no better scope under $500!