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Southwest Chuck
08-31-2013, 2:49 PM

The 49th state to join the Union has become the second to successfully traverse the perilous waters of nullification. In a sweeping reform, the state of Alaska has deemed that rights of the citizenry guaranteed under the state and national constitutions will no longer be ignored or side-stepped by an over-zealous federal government.

Utilizing the Tenth Amendment ó which protects the rights of states to do whatever the federal government canít do ó Alaska has completely cut funding to a number of unconstitutional and illegal federal programs, including programs that violate the Second Amendment. This means enforcing those laws in Alaska is now essentially impossible.

Link to Bill text (http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_bill_text.asp?hsid=HB0069Z&session=28)

FINDINGS. The legislature finds that
03 (1) a statute, regulation, rule, or order that has the purpose, intent, or effect of
04 confiscating any firearm, banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm,
05 imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, or requiring the
06 registration of any firearm or its ammunition infringes on an Alaskan's right to bear arms in
07 violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and, therefore, is
08 not made in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, is not authorized by the
09 Constitution of the United States, is not the supreme law of the land, and, consequently, is
10 invalid in this state and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state; and
11 (2) further ...........

It gets better ............:D

Alaska is back on my list of States to check out. I don't care how cold it gets, any State that takes a preemptive action to protect it's citizens Rights, guaranteed them under the CONTUS is one I'd consider moving to.

08-31-2013, 4:18 PM
06/24/13 1322 (H) 11:51 AM 6/13/13 TRANSMITTED TO GOVERNOR
06/24/13 (H) SIGNED INTO LAW 6/20 CHAPTER 52 SLA 13
06/24/13 (H) EFFECTIVE DATE(S) OF LAW 6/21/13
June, actually, but first I heard of it.

Southwest Chuck
08-31-2013, 4:23 PM
You certainly don't expect the MSM to report something like this do you? ;)

08-31-2013, 4:28 PM
Maybe we could just swap legislatures? The common sense displayed is difficult to believe. Congratiations, Alaska! For having the entire Bill of Rights!

08-31-2013, 5:46 PM
So, Alaska stepped up and re-affirmed their sovereignty as having powers not delegated to the Feds by using the Constitution?? We just need a few more to go before... well, I'm jumping the gun as it were. So, would this mean if a full auto/burst fire rifle or SBR was completely manufactured in Alaska one should be able to buy it as long as it never leaves the state? I support them 100% Good to see states tell the feds where to stick it.

08-31-2013, 6:27 PM
Way up north (north to Alaska)
Way up north (north to Alaska)

North to Alaska
You go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska
I go North, the rush is on!

Wish I could get out of this governmental hellhole we call California. Love the weather, food, sites, can't stand the over taxing, anti constitutional nanny state losers that run it!

The Shadow
09-02-2013, 9:38 AM
Of course, if California did this, our state would look more like Cuba. But of that's just my opinion.