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Mike A
08-30-2013, 10:58 AM
SPF in Seal Beach 90740 Savage Model 23C bolt action sporter in .32-20 WCF caliber. This gun is C&R, made in 1927 and can be transferred with only a drivers license to verify your age and identity.

The Model 23 was made in .22LR (23A and AA), .22 Hornet (23D), .25-20 WCF (23B), and .32-20 (23C). It was made from 1923 to around 1948 in two models.

This is an early (first model) 23C in .32-20 with the external cocking/decocking knob on the bolt like a Krag or '03 Spingfield and a protruding 4-shot box magazine that has no release latch; you just pull it backwards and out against internal spring tension. The later model (including all 23Ds) has no cocking knob and a more flush magazine with external release like most Savage clip .22s.

This gun is all original except two issues which I will address later. Has nice walnut sporter stock with Schnabel forend like a 99, original Savage open sights including Sheard bead front with German silver blade, and one original Savage clip marked "Savage .25-20/.32-20" (clips for Bs and Cs were interchangeable). Savage-trademarked steel original buttplate, no added sling swivels or studs. Stock has about 80-85% original varnish with very small dings and scratches from hunting, none deep, most not thru varnish. No cracks or chips.

Metal is about 90% original bluing with no rust or pits and excellent bore, and very clear markings:

SN 54319 on barrel

"Manufactured by Savage Arms Corp, Utica NY USA" and "Patented Nov 28 1905, Sep 7 1915, Sep 4 1917, Nov 20 1917" on barrel

"Savage Sporter" on barrel

"32-20" on barrel by safety catch

Model 23s were made to be utility smallbore rifles with the feel of a large caliber hunting rifle. This model has the slim stock of the earlier Model 1920 Mauser-type bolt action in .250-3000; when they changed the 1920 to a fuller stock without Schnabel forend in 1928 and added the .300 Savage to that model, they apparently changed the action and magazine of the 23s, added the .22 Hornet chambering, and made their stocks fuller also.

All 23s were made with the barrel and receiver in one piece, which made them very rigid and simplified manufacture. All of them have an easily removable bolt with a single locking lug near the rear like a Krag, and use the root of the bolt handle as a safety lug, like many bolt actions, including Krags.

This particular gun has two modifications which put it in "shooter grade" in spite of its overall excellent condition: someone in the past drilled two small holes in the small of the stock (top of the pistol grip) to fit a tang peep sight. Sight was removed when I got it and the holes filled with wood filler. This can only be seen from the top and doesn't affect the strength of the stock. It was a common mod in the past; I've seen several 23s similarly defaced.

The receiver top also has been professionally drilled and tapped and a Weaver one-piece scope mount correctly fitted. I added Leupold "Rifleman" 1" aluminum rings and shot the rifle quite a bit with Black Hills 115 "Cowboy" lead ctgs. It is very accurate with that ammo and the old Redfield 2 3/4X scope I fitted.

Asking $300 firm for this with the scope mount, rings, and a partial (about 35 rounds) box of Black Hills .32-20 ctgs. Aftermarket spare clips are available from Bob's Gun Shop online.

I'm in Seal Beach and can show the gun at Ammo Bros. Cerritos, Ade's in Orange, or Rifle Gear in Costa Mesa. You'll need cash and a drivers license. Won't ship for now.

Can't post pics (computer illiterate) but can email pix to SERIOUS buyers. Send me your email by PM if seriously interested. The scope on the pictures is not for sale.

Thanks for reading this long post!

Mike Armstrong

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Mike A
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I'm in MX until Oct. 2 and will respond to any emails or PMs on this gun then.

Mike Armstrong

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10-02-2013, 7:28 PM
BTT (I'm home again).

10-03-2013, 4:23 AM
I would buy it if you were in NorCal

Mike A
10-03-2013, 11:13 AM
Posting over on the long arms section of the "Private Guns for Sale" section now.

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