View Full Version : F/S 7mmRem Mag dies/brass/bullets/barrel

08-29-2013, 6:44 PM
I had my 7mag rebarreled to 264win mag and no longer need this stuff:
RCBS 7mmRem mag FL reloading dies-$30--Reduced $25----SPF
RCBS 7mmRem mag Small Base Sizing Die only--$20--Reduced $15

300 New unprimed winchester cases-$21/50 Reduced $18/50
50 New Primed cases-$23 --Reduced $20/50
I have more new and once fired brass I have not counted or sorted. I will add that later.

2 boxes of 50 count Nosler BT 140gr bullets-$21/box---Reduced $19/box----Sold
140gr Nosler Partition collet pulled bullets--109 bullets--$20/54 bullets
140 gr Nosler Solid Base bullets-Ones made before the BT bullets- collet pulled-24 bullets--$10
140gr Nosler BT bullets -Collet pulled-150 bullets---$12/50
Hornady 154gr SP bullets-collet pulled-- 35 bullets--$10
I also have more pulled bullets I need to count/sort.

Priced without shipping.

Also a good 7mmRem mag barrel from a Ruger M77 Tang safety model with factory sights and mag-n-ported-$50

PM me if interested as I do not watch the sale board much.

08-30-2013, 7:29 PM
The new boxed 140gr BT bullets are sold

09-08-2013, 1:43 PM
Die set sold.
Small base die still for sale.