View Full Version : K98k BCD '44 Albanian Capture D&T'd - Oakland

08-29-2013, 9:08 AM
I picked this up in trade from a fellow calgunner earlier this year with the intention of having it sent off to become a reproduction High Turret sniper. I pulled the Tasco 3-9x and rails off and installed a correct K98k bolt body which head spaces correctly but I find I just want to do other things with my money. I'll probably try and pick up a repro HT sniper eventually but that can wait.



The rifle is an 8mm K98k BCD made in 1944 and captured by the Albanians. They pinged out the eagles and re-blued the receiver I believe. It has a few matching parts, the barrel obviously, the front band and magazine floor plate. The bolt does not match though it has been headspaced. The original bolt was swept back as part of the sporterization process and will be included. The stock is a nice red color and has the word TRAGERE stamped on it, which I believe means "Shooting" in Albanian. The stock does have an inlet cut in it to allow the swept back bolt to work. One bonus of the sporterization process, the trigger has had some work done and is very nice.

As is apparent from the photos below, the rifle was also drilled and tapped which is why I originally intended to use it for a sniper repro build. Included in the sale are the Tasco 3-9x scope, rings and mounts you can use in the meantime if you like. The rifle also includes the repro sight hood, cleaning rod and sling pictured.

I'd like to get $425 Sold out of it. It's C&R cash and carry and I'm located in Oakland but willing to travel throughout the Bay Area to meet up. I'm also interested in trades or partial trades for many different WWII firearms, especially stuff I don't already have examples of. Right now the top of my list is a C96 Mauser, commercial Colt 1911, or War-time or pre-war shotguns with 20" barrels or less. Just let me know what you've got and maybe we can make a deal!

More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/tt8VQ#10