View Full Version : WTB CZ52 and Winchester 94ae 30-30 or 44 mag

08-27-2013, 8:18 PM
WTB (or trade for):
1. CZ52 with the 9mm barrel, and ideally the original as well.
2. Winchester 94ae 30-30 or 44 mag or what do you have? Maybe another lever gun?
I am open to trade my Sig 226 Navy 9mm 99% condition, a bunch of 9mm ammo, and might part with my Remington Model 31 pump 12 gauge....or there is always cash.
I am in northern northern California but come to the Bay from time to time. A shipper to my local FFL would be ideal.
Also interested in other old Euro handguns. PM me.
Thanks for looking!