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01-07-2008, 9:02 AM
I am dissappointed I am the one to finally bring this to your attention. Somebody has dropped the ball, and there should be a CGs investigation to find out who knew what, and when did they know it! There should already be one of these kits in my safe. But I am vulnerable till mine arrives (smoken deal at $21,000). Good luck they are going fast!:rolleyes:

01-07-2008, 9:14 AM
PM me i can get you a 21,700 discount.

01-07-2008, 9:26 AM
Wow, I'm on this. Cashing in children's college funds now. With the flooding/drowning/contamination of part of Antioch this week, there were some tangos in our parking lot looking for some jugulars to munch and I was not prepared. That will end when I get my new kit. Thanks OP for bringing this to my attention.

I do think they should offer a tactical wheel barrel for the ammo as one commenter suggested.

01-07-2008, 9:31 AM

Actually, I bought one of these after reading the testimonials, but it did not perform as advertised. I was attacked during a recent outbreak and failed to escape unscathed. I was bitten and became a zombie, but I was able to walk it off dur to my superior physical condition. I am a little hungry though. When are you coming over Fedup? I want to....pick your brain.

01-07-2008, 9:36 AM
I am in for a group buy, just need to auction my house to get the funds...

01-07-2008, 9:39 AM
for an interesting read about realistic zombie defense plans


by the way, i am the writer. rustymaggot is one of the other names i use online.

01-07-2008, 10:00 AM
They forgot the HAZMAT SUITS. You need one of those to keep the zombie goo from gettin in your eyes nose or open cuts. Everybody knows if you get zombie goo in your bloodstream or get a zombie bite you turn into a zombie!

01-07-2008, 10:24 AM
They recommend NVG? I thought Zombies were ambient temp, and they woundn't work unless they were eating something non-ambient :D

01-07-2008, 10:34 AM
They recommend NVG? I thought Zombies were ambient temp, and they woundn't work unless they were eating something non-ambient :D

NVG is to prevent friendly fire issues. You know what the press does with those.

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01-07-2008, 10:42 AM
Customer Reviews:
richard bernecker (Saturday, 06 January 2007)
I suppose the kit's OK, but it really should come with a tactical wheelbarrow to help carry the extra ammo and such....

Mark Larson (Tuesday, 04 July 2006)
While I noted a disturbing lack of flame throwing devices and armored personal carriers (AKA old school busses with the windows boarded shut and a snow plow attached to the front) Im still giving it a perfect score because I though the ammo volume to be suficient and the use of the tromix SBR to be appropriate as back up zombie dispatching units. I also feel the 100 zombie limit to be resonable. Also note: If you live in a non-NFA state, you deserve to get eaten! Call your legislators today and expose the zombie threat for what it is so you can be properly armed for the big event!

M. Nightcrawler (Saturday, 01 July 2006)
This product works as advertised! Between the training, the weapons, and the equipment, I was easily able to survive the recent zombie outbreak in my locality. The ACU woks very well! Even the new, fast-moving, undead track stars can't seem to locate you when wearing this advanced camouflage. With the converted Saiga .308, I was easily dropping and immobilizing zombies with single hits at ranges of up to 400 meters! Highly recommended and worth every penny!

Got to love that..... another idiot who put on his panties inside out.:rolleyes:

01-07-2008, 11:23 AM
So...lemme get this straight...Survival of the fittest doesn't apply...it's survival of those who have $21,000 at their disposal?

01-07-2008, 6:43 PM

01-07-2008, 6:56 PM
atleast we finally know what the army designed the ACU's for

01-07-2008, 9:21 PM