View Full Version : WTS Remington 721 LA

08-22-2013, 1:37 PM
WTS Remington 721 LA (originally in .270)

In a pillar bedded McMillan fiberglass (Anschutz silhouette) thumbhole stock and with a brand new Remington 26” .308 Winchester SPS/varmint weight barrel professionally installed and headspaced +.002 on Go gage.

Nice thing about this rifle is you can keep seating out bullets as the barrel wears and still feed from internal magazine.

Action has been professionally tuned:
Fluted/polished firing pin for faster locktime.
Tuned Remington 700 trigger breaks’ at 2.75lbs.
Mag box tuned for reliable feeding.

New EGW Scope/rail is now mounted (not pictured).

Will also come with original stock/trigger guard, and .270 barrel.

Bipod/scope/scope rings are not included as these are personal preference items for Buyer.

$900 rifle is dated/C & R so FTF