Marcus von W.
08-20-2013, 10:49 PM


READ THIS FIRST: As many of you who know me from here or the numerous other gun forums and sites I am a member of, I run a small, private, in-home, no-kill, dog rescue/shelter/sanctuary. This is all financed out of pocket and monthly food, medical, etc. bills are substantial. So I am selling off my personal, long time (48 years) collection of historical firearms and related militaria to help keep the doggies fed and healthy.

I've been going through some of the boxes of parts and accessories for various C&R military firearms that I have collected over the years, and will be listing different items as I find them and decide what to ask for them. These are all nice, original items from my personal collection - if they weren't in good condition I wouldn't own them....I don't collect junk, and I don't sell it.

PLEASE DO NOT POST REPLYS HERE. It just clutters up the page and makes it more difficult for others to read and understand what is still available, especially when there are several pages of replies, questions, or worse - unwanted and un-necessary comments.


First definite and unconditional "I'll take it" (not "I'm interested in...", "I'll take it pending...." or "I'll take it if....") to my email (not PM or posted here) at vonweigert@earthlink.net gets the item.

NOTE: For smaller items, I generally ship USPS in the small $5.80 or medium $12.35 Priority Mail flat rate boxes - I find this to be the easiest, quickest, safest, and most cost-effective method. For larger, longer things like stocks, I can ship USPS Priority Mail or Parcel Post, or FedEx ground. There is not a UPS shipping center anywhere near where I live and the local "private mailbox/print/copy" store that does UPS contract shipping in my area is a high-priced bandit, so unless you insist on UPS and are willing to pay outrageous shipping fees, UPS is not an option.



O.K., now that we've all read this and understand it, on to the items:

1. Bulgarian issue Steyr M.95 brown leather ammo pouches, matched set (right and left) of 2. These are patterned after the original WW1 Austrian leatherpattern pouches. They are in excellent unissued condition - they still are tied together with the little piece of cord the factory that made them used to keep matched sets together - but of course do show the effects of 60+ years of storage. $20 + shipping.

************************************************** ************************************************** *****

2. WW2 pattern Bulgarian issue Steyr M.95 green canvas ammo pouches, matched set - right and left. The design is the same as the Bulgarian leather and original Austrian leather pouches, just made of canvas. These are identical to the WW2 Bulgarian canvas type with the thin leather lining inside the pouches but do not have this feature....they could be very late WW2 or early post-war. The canvas pouches are much scarcer than the post-WW2 leather ones. These are unissued, but do show the effets of 60+ years of storage. $20 + shipping.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********

3. WW2 pattern Bulgarian issue Steyr M.95 green canvas ammo pouches, matched set - right and left. These are identical to the WW2 Bulgarian canvas type with the thin leather lining inside the pouches but do not have this feature....they could be very late WW2 or early post-war. The canvas pouches are much scarcer than the post-WW2 leather ones. The strap for one of the pockets on one of the pouches has come loose (back of rivet came off) so this would either have to be re-riveted or sewn back on. These are unissued, but do show the effects of 60+ years of storage. $20 + shipping.

************************************************** ************************************************** **************

4. WW2 pattern Bulgarian issue Steyr M.95 green canvas ammo pouches, right and left. One is a little earlier and has brown leather trim on the edges, one doesn't. Other than that they look alike. These are identical to the WW2 Bulgarian canvas type with the thin leather lining inside the pouches but do not have this feature.....they could be very late WW2 or early post-war. These are in very good condition, but do show the effects of 60 + years of storage. $20 + shipping

************************************************** ************************************************** ******************

5. Japanese Arisaka bayonet, fits Type 30, Type 38, Type 99 and Type I rifles. Nice Tokyo Arsenal/Kokura marked, hooked crossguard, with scabbard and rare and desirable original rubberized canvas frog. $125 + shipping.

************************************************** ************************************************** ********************

Marcus von W.
08-20-2013, 10:53 PM
16. British P-14 Enfield rifle front handguard.
This is a nice condition, original 1914-1917 production item made of American black walnut. It does have the very light letters "DP" stamped on it - these are not real noticable and could be easily removed. This will also fit the .30-06 U.S. M1917 Enfield, as these rifles are identical other than caliber differences. $10 + shipping.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********

17. Vintage original German made blade for the U.S. Army officer's dress saber. Nicely engraved and in good condition, pre WW1 manufacture. All I have is the blade, no other parts. This would be great for restoring a similar vintage U.S. Army dress saber with a rusted, broken, bent, sharpened, or otherwise damaged or dicked with blade. You could also use the handle and handguard parts from a similar design saber to put together a nice display or re-enacting saber. $25 + shipping.

18, Nice set of original Turkish WW1 era Mauser ammo pouches. These are brown leather, 3 compartment pouches, and almost identical to the WW1 German ammo pouch - these might be German made - but have Turkish markings stamped in them. For re-enacting or display purposes, these could be used as representative WW1 German pouches....and since German also supplied Finnland with Mausers and Mauser ammo pouches at the end of WW1 to fight off the Russians and Bolsheviks, and the Finns continued to use these ammo pouches with their Mosins, these would also make good representative Finn ammo pouches for display or re-enacting. Most Turk Mauser ammo pouches are really thrashed and nice looking, good condition, examples are almost never encountered.
$30 + shipping on the pair.

Marcus von W.
08-20-2013, 10:58 PM

These very desirable and hard to find canvas ammo pouches were discovered in former Soviet Red Army war reserve storage in the Ukraine and I acquired all that were available for use and display with my collection. They are in original, unissued, condition, but do show some light signs of having been in storage for over 71 years. The German invasion in the summer of 1941 caught the Soviets off guard and besides simply not having enough weapons and gear on hand for a conflict of this magnitude, in the early stages of the war the Soviets lost millions of men and vast amounts of material and supplies.

In late 1941 the Soviets began to ramp up their production to meet this threat, and many standard issue items were replaced with emergency pattern "ersatz" items that were non-standard and sometimes unique as far as pattern and what they were made of. These pouches were all hand made using whatever canvas material, leather, and buttons were available, so there is some variation and some are unique in their appearance and construction.

If you have an early wartime Mosin rifle or carbine or are assembling a representative/display collection of the correct - and often rare to unobtainable - WW2 Soviet accessories and supplies for your Mosin, these are an item you need and want. These would also display very well with your genuine WW2 Mosin sniper rifles, particularly the early versions from 1942 and 1943.

I have 1 of these left for sale.

Price is $20 + $3 shipping

************************************************** ************************************************** *

Should anyone be interested, I have the following WW2 or earlier Mosin rifle (fit dragoon, ex-dragoon, 91/30) stocks for sale:

23. (Sold)

************************************************** ******

24. Dragoon or early 91/30 stock, with handguard. This is the version that has the sling slot escutcheons held in with 2 little screws. The original Izhevsk arsenal cartouche is still visible on the right side of the butt. This is a clean, straight, attractive and usable stock with no damage, but there is wear and flaking to the post-war refurb shellac finish, especially on the fore-end and handguard. It comes with the correct heavy milled steel buttplate (lower buttplate screw is stripped out, so this will need to be repaired with either some sawdust with wood glue in the hole or a dowel inserted and the hole re-drilled), fore-end tip, and the correct early style dragoon-early 91/30 milled steel band retaining springs. Handguard is the WW2 style with steel endcaps.
$55 + shipping on this one. I can include a cleaning rod for an additional $10.

************************************************** ********

25. Dragoon or early 91/30 with the screwed in sling slot escutcheons. This is a well used, "as issued" stock with smooth worn oiled finish. Has a few interesting arsenal patch repairs - one on the right side of the buttstock, one on bottom in front of the triggerguard and one on the top front of the fore-end tip. It also has a couple hairline cracks on the left side in the area alongside the rear of the receiver where the wood is thin - these will need to be glued (woodworking grade cryanoacrylate "crazy glue" is best) and maybe a small brass pin added for extra strength. This one has the fore-end tip, but no buttplate or band springs. Other than the hairline cracks, this is a straight, solid, clean, and usable stock, and a harder to find one. If you have a dragoon or upgraded dragoon, an early 91/30, or a Finn captured or Spanish Civil War rifle that needs a correct era stock, this is what you need. It could be left as-is for that "combat issued" or "battlefield pick-up" look, or if you feel the need to refinish a stock you could do this one and leave your original stock alone.
$30 + shipping. I can include a cleaning rod for an additional $10.

************************************************** ******

26. WW2 91/30 stock with the pressed in oval sling slot escutcheons. This is the type Tula started using in 1943 and Izhevsk in the very late 1943-very early 1944 period. The the toe of this stock it had broken off at one time many years ago and was arsenal repaired with a dovetailed in toe piece( which at first glance makes it look like one of the post-war stocks that were manufactured with the dovetailed in toe piece, but it isn't) and at some later time the toe cracked off again at the lower screw hole (as they sometimes did if the rifle is slammed down hard on the buttplate) and was glued back on. It looks solid, but it might not hurt to add a couple small long screws or brass pins to help strengthen it. There are also 5 other small, well done, and interesting looking arsenal patch repairs along the top and bottom of the fore-end. It has a decent looking, good condition post-war Soviet shellac finish. It had an old letter "N" stamped on the bottom of the fore-end just behind the cleaning rod slot which is kind of interesting as the Russian Cyrillic alphabet doesn't have this letter, so the rilfe this stock was originally on was at one time in the hands of a nation or troops who used the Latin alphabet....Germans, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Baltic nations?
Anyhow, it's a cool, good looking, usable, and rather historic stock even with the above noted toe piece repair - which, like I said, would be best re-inforced with a couple of the brass pins or small finishing nails the arsenals used. There is no buttplate, forend tip cap, or band springs with this rifle.
$30 + shipping. I can include a cleaning rod for an additional $10 + shipping.

For the stocks that are missing metal parts like buttplate, forend tip, or band springs, I might have some of these bits in my Mosin spare parts box that I could include for a couple extra dollars.....I will look and see what I have.

************************************************** *********************************************

27. Soviet Oiler Lot - 10 Oilers!

I have a lot of 10 Soviet oil bottles for sale. These are the round stamped steel ones that are embossed on the front. These were used with Mosin-Nagant, SKS, SVT Tokarev, and AK series rifles, as well as with other Soviet weapons and captured guns like German 98k Mausers. 8 of them are the round double spout ones with the "W and H" looking Cyrillic letters marking embossed on the front (6 have the more common "long tail on the W" marking and 2 the less common "short tail on the W" marking) and 2 are the round single spout version with the Izhevsk/Izhmash "arrow in triangle" marking embossed on the front. Condition ranges from good as issued and used to mint unissued.
$35 + shipping for all 10.

************************************************** *****************


28. WW2 Soviet 91/30 PU sniper scope. A-series "Progress" Factory 297, made in early 1943. Serial number is A-91762 This is a good condition "shooter grade scope" in completely original, unrefurbed, "as issued and used" WW2 condition and configuration. It has no added post-war refurb/inspection markings and no post-war upgrades like tinted lenses. There are a couple marks on the front of the scope tube from the rear mount rings - these are not visible when the scope is in the mount - and the front and rear lenses could use a little light cleaning as the scope has a very, very slight haze when you look through it. This does not affect its use and function, you can still see through it just fine. Everything works as it should, adjustment turrets turn properly and reticle is clean and straight. This would be a proper and correct scope for re-scoping one of the scopeless WW2 Yugoslavian contract PU rifles like the ones available from Samco Global Arms, or to use as a shooter on your PU sniper to avoid the risk of damage to your irreplaceable matching scope.
$195 + shipping.

29. Polish post-war reworked WW2 Soviet 91/30 PU sniper scope, originally made in 1943 or 1944 by the "Progress" Factory 297 optics works that were originally set up in Leningrad for the Soviets by the German firm of Carl Zeiss in the 1930's. A number of WW2 Soviet PU sniper rifles and scopes were supplied to the puppet "Polish Red Army" late in WW2, and others were supplied by the Soviets in the early post-war era. Some of these were later upgraded by the Poles for use on their Mosin sniper rifls, and this is one of them. Polish modifications include upgrading the range dial on the elevation turret from 1,300 meters to 2,000 meters, flat head screws on the turrets, original Soviet serial number was milled off the scope body tube and neatly replaced by Polish serial number 501305, upgraded tinted lenses were installed, and the scope was painted the distinctive Polish olive drab green. The original "Progress" factory logo - star over hammer and sickle, over half-moon shaped optical lens emblem - remains intact and visible above the new Polish serial number. It seems that Poland also supplied some of these scopes, along with other Mosin items, to East Germany and Albania.

This would be a great scope for use in a restored or rescoped PU rifle, to use in one of the imported PU rifles to avoid risk of damage to your irreplaceable original scope, or with one of those PU-1 (ny-1) Soviet AKM scope mounts.
Price is $250 + shipping.

30. Mint, unissued, original Polish Cold War era PU scope MOUNT.
Note - this is only the mount, no scope or base included. This is a very rare item, one of a small lot of 10 that was acquired by noted Mosin sniper collector and source "Karol98k" in Warsaw, who acquired a number of scarce Mosin sniper and Polish Mosin items from Polish Red Army war reserve storage right after the fall of communism and the break-up of the Warsaw Pact, when the Polish military and government sold off all their old Soviet and Polish military stuff. I originally had 7 of the 10, I later sold 4 and have 3 left - of those, I am offering 1 for sale. These were made in the 1950's to early 1960's era for Polish military use on the PU snipers Poland received from the Soviet Union and refurbished or upgraded. As far as the finish, machining, screw sizes, etc., these mounts are noticeably different than the Ww2 Soviet ones. This is NOT one of the various commercial or fake mounts that are popping up for sale everywhere like poisonous mushrooms after a rain and being fraudulently pimped off as original. The inside diameter of the rings on these is machined slightly undersize for a standard PU scope and will need a little fitting. Because these are in mint original unissued condition, this has not been done yet as this was done at the armory or arsenal at the time one of these would be mounted on a rifle. These are completely finished otherwise, have a smooth blued finish, and are unmarked.
PRICE IS $150 + shipping.

31. Original WW2 Soviet leather lens caps for PU sniper scope.
This is a set of the late war pattern brown leather lens caps for the PU sniper scope used on the Mosin-Nagant and Tokarev SVT-40 sniper rifles. This matches the above offered canvas scope cover, and the connecting strap is attached to the caps with shiny round-headed rivets. Excellent condition.
$ 35 + shipping.

08-27-2013, 12:56 AM
I will take the #28, #29 bayonets. Pm sent.

09-02-2013, 8:48 AM
I will take the Aisaka bolt. PM sent

09-03-2013, 8:19 PM
Will take 19 and 20

11-30-2013, 2:18 PM
Interested in #10. We can FTF to avoid shipping. I'm in Corona

04-10-2014, 12:57 PM
I'll take it, per our email conversation.

11. Japanese bayonet, fits Type 30, 38, 99 and I rifles. Nagoya marked. Very nice bayonet with scabbard, hooked crossguard. However, someone replaced the original wood grips with some heavy and thick black lexan/plexiglas or bakelite type plastic. If you could find a junk bayonet with good grips or make a set of grips from a piece of junk Japanese rifle stock, this would be a great bayonet and worth a lot more. $65 + shipping on this one.