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Marcus von W.
08-20-2013, 10:41 PM
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: I'm selling off my personal, long time firearms collection to help fund my in-home, no-kill, dog rescue/shelter/sanctuary and to pay for some recent high and unexpected dog medical bills.

Anyone who wants to personally examine these weapons before purchase is welcome to contact me at vonweigert@earthlink.net and set up a meeting here at my place in TEMECULA, which is in SOUTHWEST RIVERSIDE COUNTY, right next to NORTH SAN DIEGO COUNTY. The rifles are C&R and over 50 years old, so they are "cash and carry", or can be shipped directly to out of state C&R, or without need of any kind of FFL to any California resident who can lawfully own them.


PLEASE DO NOT POST REPLIES OR ASK QUESTIONS HERE, it just un-necessarily clutters up the message thread. Send me an EMAIL at vonweigert@earthlink.net with any questions or comments.

As of 6-19-14, all the guns listed and DESCRIBED BELOW are for sale and available:

1. Japanese Type 99 Arisaka rifle with bayonet, $350 + shipping.
3. Restored East German (DDR) Mosin 91/30 sniper, with lots of rare East German goodies and accessories $1,200 + shipping.
4. (SOLD)
6. WW2 German captured PU sniper $2,000 + shipping.

FIRST DEFINITE AND UNCONDITONAL "I'll take it" to my EMAIL at vonweigert@earthlink.net - NOT "I'm interested...", "I'll take it if...." or "I'll take it pending...." gets the item.

Some of these items are listed for sale on other sites, or will be listed elsewhere as soon as I am able to get a camera and take photos.

I'm not really interested in any trades, and I'm not into haggling so prices listed are what I actually want and will take for these items.

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NOTE: If anyone wants the Japanese Arisaka rifle listed below WITHOUT the bayonet, I will reduce the price by $90. The bayonet is not for sale by itself at this time

1. WW2 Japanese 7.7mm Type 99 rifle with bayonet, scabbard, frog, and 6 rounds of original WW2 Japanese 7.7 ammo.

Izawa Jyuko (Nagoya Supervision) Series 9. This is a late war "Substitute Standard" (Last Ditch) rifle with the wood buttplate and fixed rear peep sight. This is a scarce variation that has the long handguard and single-screw early style front band that are unique to this manufacturer and series.

Comes with nice Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (Nagoya Supervision) Type 30 bayonet with scabbard and leather frog.

This is a WW2 G.I. bring back, in good condition. The MUM HAS BEEN GROUND OFF and there are some kind of vise or wrench marks on the barrel shank and front of the receiver. Rifle is all matching except possibly the safety knob (looks like the same number but not real clear), but the firing pin tip is broken off so I have replaced the firing pin with an intact and usable one - the matching one with the broken tip is included, and should be sent to someone qualified to re-do the tip. I will also include 6 rounds of original WW2 Japanese ammo with this rifle.


$350 + shipping

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3. East German issue Mosin 91/30 PU sniper rifle.

This is a restored ex-sniper that has the rare and highly sought after DDR (East German) "Triangle/1" marking on the barrel shank. Rifle is a 1943 Izhevsk that has been restored using all proper, correct, original WW2 Soviet sniper parts.

Scope, mount, and base are all correct, hard to find (especially the base - originals are impossible to find) WW2 Soviet items with no post-war Soviet modifications or refurb markings on the scope, and no post-war Soviet refurb electropenciled numbers on the mount. The original scope number on the left side of the barrel shank is still intact and unmolested - #4328142, and the scope on it is from the same manufacturer as the original scope and in the same serial number range - #4331854. The black plastic the scope are DDR issue, the canvas scope cover is a super rare East German made one, the rifle has a scarce and collectable East German leather dog collar sling with East Berlin markings, and 3 rare East German ammo pouches are included - a tan leather East German made one, and a matched set of East German marked and March 1954 dated (in German) Polish made green canvas pouches.

Vic Thomas recently sold a leather East German sling, single DDR leather pouch, and a WW2 Soviet tool kit with an East German marked screwdriver/firing pin protusion tool for $100 on Gunboards, so you gotta figure that the East German sling, 3 ammo pouches, East German lens caps, and East German scope cover are easily worth a couple hundred dollars by themselves. I'm also including an original WW2 Soviet tool kit in the canvas pouch, and 60 rounds of collectable 1983 dated East German 7.62X54r light ball practice ammo with six original Izhevsk marked Soviet stripper clips.

Rifle is in beautiful condition with a nice bore and tight muzzle, stock is a very scarce and desirable 1942 Izhevsk "wartime transitional" stock with the screwed in sling slot escutcheons in the rear sling slot and the stamped and folded sheet metal "half-liner" in the front sling slot.


$1,200 + shipping

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4. (SOLD)

Marcus von W.
08-20-2013, 10:43 PM
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6. WW2 German captured and used/West German issued Mosin-Nagant PU sniper.

This is one of the Soviet sniper rifles that the Germans captured during WW2 and re-issued to Army and Waffen SS snipers, and the "Waffenschule" (Weapons school) sniper training centers. Limited numbers of these were retained by the German government after WW2 under Allied occupation supervision and then by the German Bundeswehr after the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in 1949.

This one was sold off by the German Army in 1972 (the Mosin snipers were by this time being replaced by the Dragunov in Soviet and Warsaw Pact use, and were thus no longer needed as training and educationsl weapons by West German, U.S., and other Nato forces) and a little later acquired by an American officer stationed in Germany, who had it imported on an ATF Form 6 in the 1980's by "Leroy's", a well known Form 6 importer who used to be in Glasgow, Mt. As part of this process of being surplussed and sold off by the German military, it was required to be inspected and proofed by one of the German proof houses, and bears 1972 dated Ulm-Donau Proof House markings on the bolt and barrel shank. It also has a tiny "Leroy's, Glasgow Mt." marking on the barrel from the Form 6 importer. The barrel, floorplate, and buttplate are all matching - the bolt is mismatched but is the bolt that was in it when used and then surplussed out by the Germans, and bears the same West German proofs as the rifle. The scope does not match the barrel number, but is one of the rare NKVD selenium-ceramic alloy scopes made in 1943. Other than the 1972 dated West German proofsg and the Form 6 importer's markin, this rifle is in totally original, as issued and used by German forces in WW2, condition and configuration.

$2,000.00 + shipping

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I also have a FINN MADE 1939 Tula PU sniper (this IS NOT one of the Century replicas made in the 1990's) and a few 1935-37 dated Finn captured Tula PE/PEM top-mount rifles for sale.

These are scopeless snipers that are missing the scope and mount setup - the holes in the receiver are not plugged and welded like on the Soviet refurbished "ex"-snipers, so there are real easy to re-scope. The Finns also replaced the sniper bolts with standard bolts when they used the scope setups and bolts from these rifles to assemble M39 SOV snipers later in the war. Add one of the replica PE/PEM scope & mount set-ups from Accumounts, or look for a real PE/PEM scope on Ebay, and you can have a nice shooter and re-enactor grade example of one of WW2's rarest and most historic combat sniper rifles.
$800 + shipping

With the 1939 Tula PU rifle only, I will include with the rifle an original WW2 Soviet PU base that fits the hole spacing on the receiver for an additional $200. The mounting screw holes in the receiver are a different size than the Soviet ones, so you would need to find correct size mounting screws.

PE top-mount rifles: $1,000 each + shipping. I DO NOT HAVE ANY PHOTOS OF THESE RIFLES YET.

12-17-2013, 5:18 PM
I'd love to see pics of the K98 if you can manage it, even if its just to my email or phone.

03-24-2014, 9:34 AM
Sent you an email. Not sure if you got it.

03-24-2014, 9:26 PM
11. Imperial Russian Mosin-Nagant "dragoon" cavalry rifle, made at Izhevsk in 1896.

Here is a link to photos, description, and discussion of it I posted on one of the top Mosin sites, which is owned by a fellow Calguns member:


Price is $550 + shipping and includes everything shown in the photos including the lock-ring bayonet.

I'll take it.
Pm inbound