View Full Version : Looking for advice on a precision AR10 build...

01-01-2008, 9:52 PM
I have come up with the crazy idea of building a precision AR10 since parts are so easy to find and install. I want to make it a straight pull action so that I can use detachable mags and increase accuracy by not having a drilled barrel (so I hear). To make it usable, I want to go with a side charging upper. So far the only manufacturer I could find that makes a side charger is ASA. I still need to decide on the bolt, barrel, lower receiver, and ancillary parts. I am not worried about optics yet, just trying to get the build together. What parts would you recommend?

01-01-2008, 10:09 PM

anyone know what upper/lower?

01-02-2008, 6:00 AM
GAP... GA precision upper
DPMS 24" upper
POF usa lower
MAgpull PRS stocks
Badger riser
3.5-15x NF
Good trigger