View Full Version : FS: AGI VHS videos-Build a 1911, S&W Revolvers

12-31-2007, 5:52 PM
Two AGI VHS video courses. Glendale, So Cal

"Buiilding the 1911 Style Limited Class or Carry Gun" course #308. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS to Franks remote***
Consists of two tapes, each tape 2 hours long. Gene Shuey is the instructor.

I can't find these exact tapes on the AGI webpage, but I did find
something similar: Course One of Building the Ultimate 1911.

These tapes cover the most sought after info, e.g. slide to frame fitting, fitting a barrel, and a trigger job. Even if you never plan on doing any of this work yourself, it's a great way to learn more about the function of the 1911.
$40 plus $8 shipping.

Professional Gunsmithing Courses 11, 12, 13: Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolvers. Taught by Robert Dunlap. The course consists of 3 tapes, one tape 1 hour long, 2 tapes 2 hours long. Covers in detail how a Smith and Wesson revolver functions. $60 plus $10 shipping.

01-01-2008, 1:04 AM
1911 videos sold to Franksremote. Thanks.