View Full Version : WTT/ WTS: Misc ammo for CAS ammo

Electric Factory
12-30-2007, 3:31 PM
I have the following ammo collection to trade, am looking to trade all of it for an equal value of .45LC or .45-70 Cowboy Action Shooting loads [ another words with lead bullets ]. Here's what it is;
-American Eagle .357 mag, 1 box
-.45ACP FMJ 230 gr NEW reloads, 100 rnds
-.40 S&W hollow point NEW reloads, 100 rnds
- .40 S&W Federal Self Defense hollow points, 2 boxes
-.44 mag Winchester Silvertips, 1 box
-.45LC Winchester Silvertips, 1 box


All of this ammo is in excellent condition, clean and with no issues .
Cash offers also considered though I'd prefer a straight trade for either .45LC lead Cowboy Loads or .45-70 lead Cowboy loads. Am located in the San Fernando Valley and hooking up at Angeles is no problem .

Anybody interested in trading ?

Send email to jon.butcher@ca.rr.com