View Full Version : F/s Browning III 28ga Briley TW Chokes

07-19-2013, 8:39 AM
FIRST!! This is nothing more than a HUNTING GUN!!!! Browning III SKEET O/U 28ga 26" barrels with Briley Thin Wall Chokes, there are ever choke tube know to be made, total of 10, I believe, half are flush and the other extend. AGAIN, JUST a hunting gun, no checkering, high skeet rib, stock is oil finish. 14 1\4 LOP 0 pitch.

Also has long forcing cones. I had Phil C. go thru it sometime back and put a new block in it. I got it used.

Pictures later if any tire kickers. Email for pictures k9i449@aol.com

Chokes only would be maybe 375.00. Three day inspection, you not happy, return it.

$1050.00!!!!! NO TRADES

It just sit. IT's A SHOOTER

Pickup Only San Diego area