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12-20-2007, 12:26 PM

SPF I'm never going to use this stock so I might as well sell it, A friend of mine figured out a way to lock a 10 round mag in place, so I figured I'd do a toploading muzzlelite bullpup stocked ruger mini 14, it worked, it was cool, but I prefer the wood stock I have on it. So here it is, available for you to use on your reg AW mini14 or you can use it with a pinned mag setup on a regular rifle. $50 FTF, I can ship this for about 10$, but It won't get out untill after the holidays.

Mini14 Magazine rebuild kits. these are unmarked Eagle 30 round clear polymer magazine kits. I prefer my metal mags so I will never use these (I've shot exactly 3 rounds through my mini14 TOTAL so I'm not in danger of wearing it, or the mags out any time soon) These are for repairing your existing pre 2000 owned magazines and are sold for that purpouse ONLY. I have Six mag kits available at $20 each, these are brand new in wrap (I'll have to take them out of the plastic to dissasemble them into kits) 5$ shipping, or if you buy all of them, I'll pick up the shipping fees. (ALL SIX SPF)

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12-20-2007, 6:53 PM
Yes you can legally use these to rebuild the full capacity magazines that you owned prior to jan 1st 2000, full capacity magazines can be used on any featureless mini 14. You just can't use them on a mini 14 that has AW features.