View Full Version : FS: Colt M4 1/7 14.5 Govt. Profile Barrel, Carbine Forearm

12-19-2007, 5:48 AM
I need fundings for the holidays and for my bills/rent. Can't complete my M4gery project at this moment so I need to sell. Please help me out!

1. Used Colt M4 1/7 14.5 Govt. Profile (Lightweight) Barrel, complete with A2 Front Sight, Barrel Nut, Delta Ring. 1000 rounds went through from the last person I bought from. The A2 Front Sight is chipped.

Note: Since the A2 Front Sight attached on the barrel is chipped, I'm also throwing in a brand new Colt A2 Front Sight in package. - $200shipped for the barrel and brand new A2 Front Sight.

Since the barrel does not have a perm. attach flash suppressor, this item counts as an NFA item. NFA Rules Apply.

2. Brand New Colt M4 Carbine Length Forearm - $35shipped

Pictures will come in later, until I get this camera to work again.

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E-Mail: razgrizo@gmail.com
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