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10-16-2005, 9:53 PM
Lately I have been involved in an experiment. As you know from the last forum, I like to build Remington 870 shotguns up for tactical and extreme sporting use. The 870 Express Supermag interested me because the 3.5 inch 00 Buck load contains 18 pellets, double the standard 2.75 inch.

I purchased a Supermag from Snorkel Bob at SA and set out to test the stock gun. :eek: That sucker kicks! I am not recoil-sensitive, but let me tell ya, the 3.5 inch OO load stomps. I can shoot 12 ga slugs and buck with little problems, but caution.......the Supermag stomps. However, on the terminal end, it delivers an awesome package. Almost certainly 1-shot stops on either aggressors or game.

NEXT MOVE: Recoil Control Research!

I purchased a Knoxx Specops stock and installed it on the Supermag. Test shoot today. 5 Rounds of 3.5 T-shot. The advertised 95% recoil reduction wasn't there. The sharp slap of the standard stock waslessened, but it still was substantial. Same with OO.

My current whim is to work towards making the Supermag project a hunting proposition. Maybe a compensator or ported barrel? The 26 inch VR is the shortest barrel available in 3.5 inch. Maybe a custom 20 inch ported?

10-16-2005, 10:37 PM
pictures!!! can't have story time without em

10-17-2005, 5:57 PM
Years ago, I met a guy from Dallas that had a Ithaca Roadblocker in 10 gauge that he kept as his house gun.He had it loaded with the 3 1/2" #4 buckshot load that has 54 .24 caliber pellets.It was like shooting a whole box of .22's all at once. He told me he fired at the front of a junk car , it wrapped the radiator around the engine block, took out the front and rear windshields and shredded the tops of the seats.This is with one round!Talk about Supermag!