View Full Version : wooo guns are cool m'kay

12-03-2007, 6:44 PM
just a pic of my collection(as of right now MUHAHAHAHAHHA)

Top is obviously my mossberg(she sleeps next to me)
Top right is my kimber

yeah yeah i know who cares about those NON-C&R pieces of crap hehe

so onto the goodies

Inland M1 Carbine
Yugo m48. All numbers matching and unfired(atleast until i get a good day to shoot hehe)
Yugo m59/66. All numbers matching and again unfired

last but not least.
My swiss k31. All numbers match. Unfortunately the previous owner refinished the stock and put some poly shiny coating on it, but its still a fun gun to shoot and its a head turner. At least to the people who don't know the collector value is ruined because it looks "pretty" hehe