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06-04-2013, 6:28 PM

Make: Glock

Model: 23

Caliber: .40/9mm

Location (city or county): Sunnyvale, CA

Price: $XXX

Will ship (Y/N): N

Other info: Includes Robar Norton NP3 Plus Slide & internals. Glockworx Fulcrum Trigger Drop In Kit. XS Big Dot defensive sights. OEM Glock 19 9mm barrel and (3) Glock 9mm 10 round magazines.

For sale is a modified Glock 23 with approximately 2500 rounds fired. I sent the gun to Robar to have the slide and internal parts completely done with their Norton NP3 plus package ($250) which looks and performs absolutely flawlessly. I've also installed a Glockworx Fulcrum Drop in Trigger kit ($180) to lighten up the trigger pull and remove the slop from the original trigger. It's currently tuned to have approximately a 3# trigger pull. Lastly, I've installed XS Big Dot night sights. The 9mm conversion is plug and play and shoots accurately and reliably. Gun performs flawlessly and hasn't been shot in over a year due to different priorities.

Included is the following:

Glock 23 w/ Robar Norton NP3 Plus Treatment
(2) 10-round Glock 23 magazines
Glock 19 - 9mm barrel
(3) - 10 round Glock 19 magazines
Glockworx Drop in Trigger Kit
XS Big Dot Night Sights
All Original Parts
(2) Pachmayr .40 Snap Caps
Glock carton and case candy

This gun is COMPLETE and is an amazing range gun that shoots, feels, and looks like it should have from the factory. I meticulously planned every modification with performance, function, and aesthetics in mind and this gun has been nothing short of awesome.

Prefer FTF at Kerley's in Cupertino

http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b229/miteemike3/D149DD6F-191B-4EF4-BA18-CC77AF2B1788-693-00000017C335D81D_zps4a0b0116.jpg (http://s20.photobucket.com/user/miteemike3/media/D149DD6F-191B-4EF4-BA18-CC77AF2B1788-693-00000017C335D81D_zps4a0b0116.jpg.html)

http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b229/miteemike3/F0D73D3D-60BA-439D-A7E2-6968CAD6E716-693-00000017CA46C84D_zpsc3d9c82d.jpg (http://s20.photobucket.com/user/miteemike3/media/F0D73D3D-60BA-439D-A7E2-6968CAD6E716-693-00000017CA46C84D_zpsc3d9c82d.jpg.html)

http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b229/miteemike3/CDE26154-E576-4C9F-A129-2ACBBE93B053-693-00000017D00390EC_zps100b288a.jpg (http://s20.photobucket.com/user/miteemike3/media/CDE26154-E576-4C9F-A129-2ACBBE93B053-693-00000017D00390EC_zps100b288a.jpg.html)

06-07-2013, 4:50 PM
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