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05-28-2013, 10:52 PM
Bought a used sig P229 today and it came with these three holsters that I will never use, previous owner said they were all unused as he purchased the gun to carry and never did so, no holster wear on my gun makes me buy into that.

Looking mostly to sell, may consider trade for factory or mec-gar P229 9mm mags. (no 10 round mags)

First is a Blackhawk CQC holster, includes both paddle and belt loop attachments. $30 shipped

http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/88_7mge/60DF3405-37BF-44C6-9A2B-7CFD175BFEED-29664-00001AB0FB376E1C_zps6169a030.jpg (http://s892.photobucket.com/user/88_7mge/media/60DF3405-37BF-44C6-9A2B-7CFD175BFEED-29664-00001AB0FB376E1C_zps6169a030.jpg.html)

Second is a Comp-tac Infidel with the 1.5" belt clip. Asking $ 45 shipped SPF

http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/88_7mge/CEF0F78A-4098-4BB1-940D-CEB256408689-29664-00001AB0F46E0B5F_zps5fca63f3.jpg (http://s892.photobucket.com/user/88_7mge/media/CEF0F78A-4098-4BB1-940D-CEB256408689-29664-00001AB0F46E0B5F_zps5fca63f3.jpg.html)

Last is a Galco black leather Cop 3-slot holster. Just checked their website, they are $73 new and not available until the middle of July. Asking $45 shipped.

http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/88_7mge/4954B93C-EBFF-4D08-86E8-71C1D7DBF7CC-29664-00001AB1029989FC_zps2557f348.jpg (http://s892.photobucket.com/user/88_7mge/media/4954B93C-EBFF-4D08-86E8-71C1D7DBF7CC-29664-00001AB1029989FC_zps2557f348.jpg.html)

All prices are firm, will let the two holsters left go for $70 shipped.

Thanks for looking

06-01-2013, 2:28 PM
Are these made to fit the railed or non railed p229? Thanks

06-01-2013, 10:02 PM
These all are meant for railed P229 pistols.