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Mr. Blonde
05-16-2013, 8:00 PM

Model: MK9

Caliber: 9mm

Location (city or county): Los Angeles

Price: $1600 obo

Will ship (Y/N): Prefer Not To

Other info: CMMG MK9 dedicated lower. RRA dedicated upper (no forward assist). Barrel cut-14.5,crowned, and pinned-Smith Vortex. A.R.M.S. folding front sight. Magpul Moe forend (Foliage). Magpul RVG (Foliage). Magpul MBUS rear sight (Foliage). CMMG ramped 9mm bolt. Spike's Tactical NiBx enhanced trigger. JP 3.5lb spring. KNS anti rotation pins. Magpul Moe trigger guard (Foliage). Mapul Moe+ Grip (Foliage). Magpul/Noveske 60 degree ambi safety. Magpul Bad Lever. Magpul ASAP. Accu-Wedge. Spike's Tactical 9mm spacer. Magpul Moe stock (Foliage). Magpul sling attachent. Magpul Illumination kit (not pictured). 4 C-Products 10rd mags.
This rifle is spot on at 50yds (haven't shot it beyond that). Very little recoil. Not very loud. Perfect home defense gun. Cheap and fun to shoot. Everyone that's shot it, loves it. Like new: somewhere between 300-500 rds through it. Just want back what I paid for it...

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