View Full Version : SOLD: Savage Hog Hunter barrel and stock

05-13-2013, 9:53 PM
For sale is the brand new barrel and stock from a Savage Hog Hunter in .308 Win. Rifle was bought as a donor action for a project.

First "I'll take it" post gets it, then send me a PM with details. USPS Money Order for barrel. PayPal or MO for stock. Also posted on Savage Shooters.

Barrel: SPF
20" with threaded muzzle
1-10" twist in .308 Winchester
Small Shank
Includes a set of iron sights (removable if not needed)

I can include the factory recoil lug and a factory small shank barrel nut from my 10FP (colors are close if not the same). The smooth nut on the Hog Hunter was damaged slightly by the pipe wrench used to remove it. This 20" barrel would make for a nice hunting rig!

Stock: SPF
Standard Savage plastic stock in molded green color. Does not include the centerfeed magazine, but DOES have the little metal clip used to hold the magazine in place. Plastic trigger guard with rear screw, NO action screws. Internal magazine use only, NOT dbm compatible. No blemishes and never used.