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Includes: two ESAPI plates, SIZE X-LARGE (XLARGE plates fit perfectly inside; it's the most protection you can get with the least amount of hindrance, the small size is for great for maneuvering during air assaults - if you're not overweight, and your shoulders aren't more than 45 inches around this will fit you and look quite fashionable while providing maximum ballistic protection for the front and back of your torso - the guy who this belonged to routinely seduced female flight officers - CHICKS DIG IT) no side plates, although side plate holders are included.

My location is Marina del Rey, in Los Angeles. I may not sell this to a felon.

HAS BEEN MODIFIED WITH THREE SLITS IN THE FABRIC TO HOLD A WOLF CLIP FOR A RIGHT HANDED M4 SHOOTER - the wolf clip puts the weight of the rifle in the center of your back while rappelling or not actively holding it, and is very comfortable - fits SOPMOD stocks perfectly. Minor use in theater, no structural damage and the quick release function has been disabled by simply stopping the cord from coming out, but is easily reversible and entirely functional. Everything about this vest is intact, including the inner kevlar. Again, they're X LARGE ESAPI plates, not just SAPI.

Has one strap-cutter which I'm too lazy to un-MOLLE, a nice 3-30 round mag pouch on the chest - I have a ton of FLCS, bandoleers, pistol holsters etc but I'm not sure what I'll need. There's an NVG holder included, that's MOLLE - some handcuffs, a few Gerber/pistol mag pouches and not much else. I have all his ****, all his old skeleton apparel(skeleton facemask, some M-frame 2.0s etc - if your goal is to look cool, like a special operator, you're set. If your goal is to jump out of a little bird onto a Taliban position, you're also set. When PMing me give me some short insight into what you're looking for and I'll make sure to do what I can.) I have whatever you need to make this a functional kit assuming you're shooting something that takes M4 mags. North American Rescue shears, any sort of pouch imaginable - let me know what you want, I'll hook you up.

I may not sell this item to a felon but I'm comfortable with all the other aspects of it. This is for my buddy's girl, and my buddy did not come home. I am leaving for Afghanistan in 5 weeks and I'm doing what I can to help her out before I'm gone. He is dead, his items were mostly not directly issued to him and even if it was, it would be a combat loss. Auctioning off equipment is a proud tradition in my branch, when one of us dies, and while it's usually to others like us, this is for an extremely good cause so if you're up in arms about my selling an "issued" item please just leave me alone - if I wanted to rip off the government, I'd be earning more than 50k for entire years in combat.

To clarify: the bottom half of the chest area of this vest had the bandoleer removed because I am going to use it this time. There's enough space there to hold 270 rounds in 30 round magazines, with another 90 rounds of tracer on the upper part of the chest before even getting to the sides, or back of the vest

Asking $1500. Prefer local meet up in Marina del Rey area. Thanks for your time, and for reading. Best of luck. Please PM me if you're looking for something specific or have any other questions - will handle this very promptly in the next two weeks, and after that I'll be a little less stable. Thanks again.


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Are you entertaining "OBO" offers?