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11-22-2007, 8:01 AM
I would like to pick up a used Taurus Model 72 Carbine. I have shot the Taurus M62 carbine and it was a lot of fun, nice little gun. Would love to hear from those of you that own one in 22lr, 22mag, or 17.
Any one see used ones for sale? I am looking to buy one if you have the 22mag carbine. Give me your thoughts.

11-22-2007, 9:46 AM
Everything else I've bought from them has been good. Never tried a carbine. Taurus manufactures military weapons in Brazil. These are:

FN M2HB heavy machine gun.
FN MAG GPMG. Designed M971.
M964 FAP, a license-built FN FAL SAW.
M964 Rifle, a license-built FN FAL.
M964A1 Rifle, a license-built FN PARAFAL.
IMBEL MD97, externally similar to FN FAL but in 5.56 45 mm NATO.
M4 carbine used by some SOF units.
M972 SMG, a license-built Beretta Model 12.
M973 pistol, a license-built M1911 modified to 9 mm Luger Parabellum.
M975 pistol, a license-built Beretta 92.

bodega bob
11-22-2007, 12:10 PM
I have the Model 62 rifle (23" barrel) in stainless that takes 22 LR. It is pretty accurate and hasn't caused any trouble so far. I like that it holds 13 shots in the tubular magazine too. The take-down feature is handy, so I can put it in a small, tennis racquet size case for transport. I wanted a easy-to-maintain 22 that would allow lots of convenient, inexpensive shooting, and it has worked out well. (I was also too cheap to pay more than twice as much for a classic Winchester Model 62.)

If using a scope, it will mount forward of the ejection mechanism, so long eye relief is recommended. There is an inexpensive tang sight available from Taurus that is a big improvement over the open sights. I like it so much, I may get another one to put on a lever action Marlin.

The stock is made from some kind of reddish stained Brazilian wood that has nice figuring, but isn't really that hard. I have a small dent in mine from carrying a pistol in the same case. There are some ugly scratches that were made before the stain went on, which doesn't say much for their quality control. Some day I may sand it down and refinish it, but not now. On the other hand, the stainless steel is nicely polished, while the internal parts are kind of rough looking.

I had mine shipped from Texas sight unseen, because I got a good price. I suspect that if you shop for one in person, the cosmetics won't be a concern.

Good luck.

11-23-2007, 11:06 AM
I have a 62 LR. The only issues I had with it were that I was unable to get the tang sight on it properly and I had to do some minor fitting to put the short youth stock on (came with 2 stocks). Other than that it has worked like a charm.

I have been very satisfied. A fun, reliable, inexpensive gun.

11-23-2007, 8:01 PM
Good info. Would love to hear some more feedback. I have had a Taurus PT111 and a model 94 22lr revolver. I am a fan of Taurus products so far.
I am keeping my eye out on Gunbroker for a used Taurus M72C.