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11-18-2007, 4:28 PM

So I was reading the BRIEF IN RESPONSE TO PETITION FOR CERTIORARI from our heroes in this fight Gura & Possessky, PLLC. And I was perusing the SCHOLARLY AUTHORITIES section of the response and I decide to download and read:

Steven Bradbury, Howard Nielson, Jr., and Kevin
Marshall, Whether the Second Amendment Secures
an Individual Right, (Aug. 24, 2004) .......15

Link here:

After reading even more history on the meaning of the 2nd, it becomes painfully clear that enough evidence is brought forward proving, not only an individual right, but that the prefatory clause in no way limits the independent clause.

In fact we are sorely being abused in this state especially with the thinking in Silveira v. Lockyer. Which they do mention.

So if the SCOTUS says anything other than it is an individual right, I will be very put out. In fact I'm surprised anyone in their right mind could come to any other conclusion. It should be, without any question, a unanimous decision. Which shows you how far we have come, because I don't even dream it will be. *sigh* I wish it was required reading for them, that they would have to read it. But I doubt they will.

If they were really working for the people on this, they would express the meaning of Keep, and Bear, showing that it is questionable to limit any person that is not a convicted criminal from moving about with their arms so long as it is not being done to incite.

If you get a chance its a darn good read.

11-18-2007, 6:33 PM
I sure hope not