View Full Version : carpool to range from OC ?

11-18-2007, 10:35 AM
I am looking for someone in central ( or southern ) OC who is going to an outdoor range ( angeles , burro , lytle , raahags? ) to cp with . i live in HB ,, i finished my first OLL build a week ago ( 22 cal. ) and every day since i,ve been trying to get one of my shooting friends to take me out to try it , no luck ,, my truck is down for smog / reg. issue at the moment and i'm using the motorcycle as daily transpo , wich does not work well to take 3 rifles and a 45 auto + ammo in a backpack , so , i should have done this a couple days ago , i might be out there today ,, i'm free any day this week , just send me a pm ,,, thanks