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11-14-2007, 11:43 AM
You read it right. I am fortunate enough to have gotten my hands on one. I have always loved the Steyr AUG, I suppose it started with Die Hard. Remember Karl? :32:

Anyway, I had heard about both the MSAR STG and the TPD AXR. The STG was released first, which is mostly why it got my money. Was playing around on GunBroker.com and decided to take the plunge. The seller happend to be RatWorx, a great company to deal with. They shipped it over to Chris at LAN World Inc who separated the reciever from the rest, shipped the receiver to James Maddux and the rest to me. Big thanks to Chris for that!

Just got the STG this morning and the receiver is working its way over to James. Below are the pics, I'll see if I can get a better camera after I get back from work. Now I just need to make my own magazine lock, until then it will stay disassembled.


11-14-2007, 3:24 PM
lucky dog, I wish CWS would get on the ball and get these things in stock. We may have to go to your vendor to get these. thanks for the update. I have always wanted to get one of those too. maybe for my christmas present to myself ( I hope my wife doesn't look at my CC statements :rofl2:

11-14-2007, 9:25 PM
Does the TPD take standard AUG parts? The deal breaker fo rme on the STG is that most (if nojt all) of the parts do not interchange.
A nice touch would have been modifying their design to take AR mags (like the FS2K).


Toolbox X
11-14-2007, 10:50 PM
Congrats!!! I hope you can find a way to get out of state soon so you can shoot it. It's amazing.

Did you get the Special Edition or just the rifle?

11-15-2007, 3:46 PM
This is the production one. Just the rifle and a magazine. The magazine supply is a bit tight right now, I have half a mind to buy some Steyr AUG mags and do a little cutting.

Luckily, I will be meeting up with my cousin in Arizona in the middle of December for a shoot. There I'll be able to make my AR, MSAR, and PSL be used the way there are supposed to be and my cousin will probably be bringing some select fire toys.

Started the DROS today for the receiver!

11-16-2007, 10:29 AM
Congrats. Nice bullpup. Waiting for a range report.