View Full Version : Make Ranges better!

11-13-2007, 9:44 PM
I've seen some stuff at ranges that I don't like. I've seen a lot of complaining on here. Before we lose even more of what little we have left, let's talk about how we can make the places that suck a little better.

I'll start.

Get involved with a club and shoot in matches.
Get one friend signed up to do it with you.
Let RO's and staff what you do like.

11-13-2007, 9:57 PM
Organize range cleanup days with bar-b-que and shooting after the cleanup.

Post park rangers on public ranges to deter littering and enforce existing laws against littering.

11-14-2007, 7:49 AM
sorry dude but this does not work as far as park rangers. we have fish and game watching all the time and yet the ranges still get tons of trash.people are even sited when they watch to no avail. it is up to us to clean up after the dirt bags

Then you institute a "pay if you don't clean-up" policy.
Put a range attendent at the gate to the range area.
Every person through the gate pays an entry deposit.
Upon your exit, you are to bring back a trash bag full of trash.
This gets you a refund of your deposit.

11-21-2007, 4:06 PM
Unfortunately losers are lazy and leave their trash anywhere they go, not just ranges. The only way to stop this is to restrict property use. Perhaps with some kind of usage permit with the BLM or whatever and tie it to a local club to regulate. Join the club and get a usage permit. Don't join, don't use the property! If you trash the land you should not have the right to use it Period!