View Full Version : 2nd time at range today, groupings alot better

909 in 916
11-12-2007, 7:46 PM
I went out to the range today for the second time in 3 days, this time shooting a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. The first day I shot a Smith and Wesson 909, I think the sights are off on it cause my groupings were all over the place, no consistency at all. Today my groupings were very consistent, each clip gave me a grouping easily covered by a grapefruit....I know this isn't the best but for only my second time ever at the range, I think it was pretty good. Distance was 20 yards.

I liked the M&P except for a few things:

Rear sight dots not painted
Polymer grips not very "grippy"
Trigger took some getting used to

On the trigger, it's got some type of safety mechanism on it so it's not a solid trigger, it's hinged at about the halfway point. When you pull it, it doesn't fire until you've nearly pulled it all the way back, which isn't a problem, but the resistance is the same from the beginning of the travel to the end. On the gun I shot on Saturday, the resistance for the first 3/4 of the travel is very light, when you get to the stronger resistance you know the hammer is about to be released. I'd imagine after some time with the M&P i'd get used to it.

Also, the magazine was a bit more difficult to load, not too sure why, but I dealt with it. I have a feeling a Maglula UPlula would take care of that.

The grips need to be more rubberized, or at least add some Hogue slip on grips to it.

No idea whey they didn't paint the rear sights, but judging from my grouping it didn't really affect me much although it was a bit odd.

All in all, a nice gun. The kick back from the 115gr rounds I shot resulted in a very manageable recoil and it was very accurate, comfortable to hold and shoot and pretty light for a full size 9mm.