View Full Version : *** If you have just been arrested ...

04-22-2013, 3:07 PM
or are about to be arrested, or you have been served with 'legal papers', such as a restraining order, or you think you may own something that might be illegal, or such legal problems are present, imminent, or on the near horizon ....

Get a lawyer.

Don't post on Calguns. The best thing we can tell you is 'get a lawyer', and when you DO 'get a lawyer', she or he will be annoyed that you may have discussed your case on an open forum.

Don't try to handle something like this yourself. Don't think or wish or hope it will just 'go away by itself'.

Several lawyers who handle gun problems advertise here at Calguns - see the ads at the top and very bottom (below all the forum headers) of the main page.