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11-10-2007, 2:59 PM
Hey, I am thinking of purchasing a Kel-Tec SU-16. I have a lot of questions in regards to this purchase.

1. Is this a good rifle, pros and cons?

2. What models are legal in CA?

3. What accessories, if any should i purchase for the rifle?

4. Anything else I should know about this rifle?

11-10-2007, 3:03 PM
Search is your friend.

1. Yes. pro, light weight and cheap, Keltec has good customer service. Cons, it takes some breaking in before it is totally reliable. Plastic receivers have been known to crack.
2. SU-16A, SU-16B, SU-16CA
3. Compact Forend, AR extractor
4. It's a good rifle, but if you have the money and don't mind waiting, go for a Beretta RX4.

11-10-2007, 3:04 PM
I had one. It was accurate but I had problems with it feeding. On the first round of every mag it would try to feed two bullets. This occurred with several different magazines. I became frustrated with it and traded it in. I would check out a 223 Saiga.

Full Clip
11-10-2007, 3:17 PM

It's a good plinker in a good round and takes AR mags. For less you can get a Saiga in .223 that is more reliable and eats anything. The K-T is more sensitive and prone to extraction and ejection problems, especially with Wolf ammo. It also has so-so stock sights. I have the SU-16CA model with the K-T short foregrip. It's an essential add-on, as is the extended buttpad. Like many others, I also replaced the stock take-down pin, which will cost you $4 at Home Depot. Good mod. The CA also has a slightly heavier barrel than the A and B models, I believe.
Go to http://www.ktog.org/ for much more info, specifically this thread: http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1154620328
Note that I bought my K-T and then built an OLL AR within 6 months. I now do not shoot my K-T nearly as often. You will probably do the same... So why waste time? :)
Any SU-16 that can be fired in the folded position is not legal in CA. You can check the K-T site to investigate further... http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com

11-10-2007, 3:21 PM
You can pick up mine: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=74730

I'll work with you on the price if you're interested.

11-10-2007, 4:31 PM
Build an OLL AR. You'll end up happier in the end.

11-10-2007, 4:36 PM
Mini 14

11-10-2007, 5:11 PM
Depends what you are comfortable with.

The SU is a good weapon and has no legal questions that I know of.

The AR OLL weapons are better (in most all respects) and legal but the legality is still being argued by some who refuse to read the laws that are written.

I have an SU but for the most part its a loaner.

11-10-2007, 5:37 PM
I travel a lot by car through the desert and mine is for when I am on the road.
It folds up nice and fits in my suitcase.
Plenty of firepower for a sudden target shooting fix out in the middle of nowhere.
I'd rather have an AR or Saiga but the Su folding and being CA legal are it's best points.
It's kind of my rifle to get me to my fighting rifle.

Lon Moer
11-10-2007, 5:44 PM
It's kind of my rifle to get me to my fighting rifle.
That's a great description. :p

The Gunslinger
11-10-2007, 6:23 PM
I have both a su-16a and an AR . I like them both. I really just finihed my OLL build, but I got the SU before I new about OLL and this website. Had I known I would have just put all the money into the AR.But again the su is a good pack rifle and folds down to fit in your pack. The Ar is a much better way as I am finding out. and you can put one together for just a bit more than the SU to. Either way you'll have fun ..."Good shooting to all and to all a good shoot"chers!

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11-11-2007, 3:39 PM
Because someone asked via PM, I'll add this about replacing the K-T's pin:

I just took the stock pin, found where they kept "hitch pins" and matched it by eye. I think it's a 1/4" pin.
This is basically it:
Only mod to it was using a cold blue mix to take the gleam off the new pin so it would match the rest of the rifle.

11-11-2007, 4:14 PM
I purchased a new SU-16CA last October. Sent it back to KT after 1 week because of FTE on ~80% of rounds. They put in some replacement parts, polished the chamber, and had it back to me w/in 2 weeks. KT paid shipping both ways. 300 rounds later (again, all factory ammo, Rem., AE) the back of the receiver broke off. One month later I had a rifle with everything replaced except the barrel. KT paid shipping both ways again.

I think the SU-16CA is a good concept. Light, accurate, easy to clean. The plastic receiver (and hinge pin) are weak imo. KT customer service was absolutely top notch.

I ended up with a new 580 series SS Mini 14. Built like a tank, also easy to clean.