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11-05-2007, 1:33 PM
My name is Daniel Caddy and I am a State Coalitions Coordinator with Fred Thompsonís campaign. I am one of 4 people heading up the building of Coalitions for Fred here in California to coincide with the efforts in the rest of the Country.

We are building a number of Coalitions here in California. For example, we are working to identify Chairs, Co-Chairs (State Level), and Congressional District Representatives for coalitions such as Veterans for Fred, Farmers for Fred, Women for Fred, Gun Owners for Fred, Hispanics for Fred, Social Conservatives for Fred, Lawyers for Fred etc.

My area of responsibility is Veterans for Fred (As I am a Veteran Myself, as well as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the CA National Guard), Sportsman for Fred (Gun owners, hunters, outdoorsman), and Farmers & Ranchers for Fred.

We are also building a rapidly growing coalition of Law Enforcement & First Responders for Fred.

We are also seeking those who wish to become recognized members of each coalition and lend their name and endorsement of support.

I will be getting a full list of the coalitions we are attempting to build, but we have a tight deadline of a week to identify those willing to become involved, and forward their information to National HQ for review and vetting.

I wanted to ask you if you are willing to become involved, as well ask you to put me in touch with those you think would be suitable and willing to be considered for a leadership role in these very important coalitions.

If you are interested in being considered for State Leadership, Congressional District Representative, or becoming a member of one or more Coalition please contact me promptly by email: Daniel.caddy@californiaforthompson.com or by phone at (415) 568-7101.

This is one of the top priorities for the Campaign. I genuinely look forward to speaking to you.


Daniel Caddy

State Coalitions Coordinator

Fred '08
(Ph) (415) 568-7101