View Full Version : Is my Ruger P95 a bad fit?

Shotgun Man
10-29-2007, 5:45 PM
Hi. I think I'm wondering if my new Ruger P95 is too small for hands. Ideally, I've heard you should be pulling the trigger with the first pad a little bit before the first crease of the index finger.

However, if I do with this my P95, there's a gap between the gun and my index finger. I bought a Hogue Handsall Universal grip and slipped it on, but it didn't help much.

Below is a picture of my finger on the trigger ready to fire in SA. See that gap there? Should I just stick more of my index finger around the trigger? I've tried that and it bumps up the thumb of my supporting hand.

I'm only 6'2" and normally proportioned. Is this normal? Do I adapt or do I get another gun?



10-29-2007, 6:24 PM
Personally I think the gap is good between the frame and the side of your finger. You want to pull the trigger straight back and not have sideways movement of the frame. Mark

Shotgun Man
10-29-2007, 7:16 PM
Yeah, but if the meaty base joint of your index finger was supporting the gun it would be more stable and reistant to recoil.

10-29-2007, 9:01 PM
i never bought into that whole "first pad of the finger" logic. If you can shoot accurate with more finger in that trigger guard then so be it. Alot of shooting tips come from people's old personal habits that worked out well for them and showed signs of promise with others, but if you can get the results you want with out holding your gun oddly the better off you are....all people are made different.

The SoCal Gunner
10-29-2007, 9:09 PM
Move the thumb of your supporting hand and adapt.

10-30-2007, 6:46 AM
+1 to what Cpl Peters said. And If you think a Ruger is too small for your hands, I don't know what to tell you. Ruger's are some of the larger semi-auto pistols.:D

10-30-2007, 7:47 AM
Put a hogue rubber sleeve grip on it and see how it feels. It's only ~$10 or less.

What Just Happened?
10-30-2007, 7:51 AM
Put a hogue rubber sleeve grip on it and see how it feels. It's only ~$10 or less.

I think he already did that.

10-30-2007, 8:15 AM
Yes, the P95's a pretty large gun, but the distance between the backstrap and the trigger is a variable that can make a difference in fit in different gun designs. Also, the Ruger has a pretty long trigger pull, and that can be a problem depending on the relative lengths of your finger joints.

The CZ75B, for instance, has a smaller grip overall than the Ruger, but has a long reach for the trigger in DA mode, and a somewhat shorter one in SA mode. Some guns, like the Walther P99, have replaceable backstraps that can adjust fit, but I haven't tried this.

I have large hands and quite a variety of handguns, and my first finger pad automatically goes to the trigger on almost all of them, due to lots of practice. There are only a few that I can't shoot that way, and they're very small guns with relatively long pulls (like the P3AT).

I'd go to a friendly shop and handle a wide variety of guns to see how they fit, in case there's one that makes a difference. In the meantime, keep practicing with the first pad on the trigger, as repeatability is a key to fast accuracy.

Shotgun Man
10-30-2007, 9:50 AM
Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll try both shooting methods (more finger vs. first pad), and see if there's any difference.