View Full Version : Really cool Winchester handgun ammo comparison tool

10-29-2007, 7:55 AM
I just found this and think it is quite an awesome tool. I wish all ammo makers had something similar for all their ammo.

Ballistic Properties And Terminal Effectiveness
Ballistic Properties and terminal effectiveness of Winchester Law Enforcement Ammunition are monitored and controlled throughout the manufacturing, quality control and test process. Each product is rigorously tested and controlled to its specific performance requirements. All testing is performed in the Winchester laboratories using strict industry guidelines.
In addition to standard ammunition test protocols and barrier materials, Winchester has taken bullet development one step further by also adopting I.W.B.A. 4 layer denim ballistic gelatin test for all Law Enforcement Ammunition.
Launch Testing Comparison Tool

10-29-2007, 4:38 PM
Oh, you should see the poster they have available. same things posted above, but in one large poster-size print, and includes weight loss from fragmentation and measurements of bullet expansion.