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10-24-2007, 11:43 AM
For the past almost 10 years (can not believe it has been that long), I have loaded my 9mm with Winchester Ranger SXT 127g +P+. The Ranger SXT is basically a Law Enforcement, renamed Black Talon bullet. The ammunition feeds well in my Beretta, has expanded quite reliably in the tests I did a few years back, and I am a believer in the medium weight/high velocity 9mm loads. That said, I have a couple concerns/questions for the guys in the know.

1) What do you think the potential legal issues would be if I had to use them in a SD situation? Giving the fact that they are high pressure LE rounds and the fact that they are based on the EVIL Black Talon (note, they are NOT "Black Tallons" by name, but basically the same round renamed and packaged for LE use), could this turn an otherwise righteous shoot into a real problem for me? When I lived in other states, it really wasn't an issue, but here in Kalifornia, it has me wondering.

2) I haven't kept up on all the latest "bullet wars" propaganda (Fakler vs Sanow), so I'm not up to speed on what the latest wonder bullet is. I know that the SXT is 10 year old technology, are the latest offerings in the Gold Dot, or the latest Hydrashock incarnations better?

3) What duty ammo do the local police/sheriff departments in San Mateo county use?

10-24-2007, 11:48 AM
I have loaded my 9mm with Winchester Ranger SXT 127g +P+.

That is exactly what the Sacramento Sheriff's Department use.

You won't have any legal issues with it.

Federal's Hydrashocks are excellent as are Speer's GDHP.

Comes down to personal preference.