View Full Version : Give NRA Memberships to your friends!!!

10-19-2007, 2:57 PM

This is a reminder that it is VERY easy to sign a friend/relative up for an NRA membership.

After the passage of AB 1471, I signed up two of my buddies for NRA memberships.

I am also the person who took them shooting for the first time and got them addicted to guns.

A one-year NRA membership only costs $35 and a 2-year is only $60.

I'm going to pester the hell out of them to make sure they renew every year, or I'll just do it myself.

If you have ANY friends, relatives, coworkers who are pro-gun, SIGN THEM UP FOR THE NRA - DON'T WAIT FOR THEM TO DO IT THEMSELVES!!!


Now more than ever is the time to sign up people for the NRA and take more new people shooting!!!!

For all you single guys like me: Girls LOVE shooting. Every one I've ever taken has absolutely LOVED it!!! The range is a great date!!!