View Full Version : Bushmaster 16" .22 upper with Al receiver - SPF

10-18-2007, 7:07 PM
This is a special order item from Bushmaster and it's about a year old.

Comes with 3 old-style 10-round mags and 2 new-style 8 round mags (one of the older mags is slightly broken, but works fine) and some spare mag parts.

Some minor scratch marks on the rail, but apart from that in very good condition.

There's also a rail mounted on the handguard, that's included (can't remember the brand though)


Pic 1 (http://www.cd.chalmers.se/~blixt/PA181185.JPG)
Pic 2 (http://www.cd.chalmers.se/~blixt/PA181186.JPG)
Pic 3 (http://www.cd.chalmers.se/~blixt/PA181187.JPG)

Would prefer FTF in the Bay Area (Im in SSF)

edit: When going through some stuff I found a slightly used complete Stag (or RRA?) 6 pos stock that I'll throw in for your build as well...