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Billy Jack
10-18-2007, 1:08 PM
A lot of time is wasted on firearm sites by people bloviating and wringing their hands about this department or that and how unfair their CCW policies are while doing nothing to effect change. TBJ is doing something to change that through the courts. We are taking departments to Federal court to compel compliance with 12050 PC and case law. One department we are about to sue sends applicants their CCW Policy accompanied by a cover letter that says: “It is a long standing policy of the ******** Police Department not to issue CCW’s. I do not believe this practice will impress a Federal jury as it clearly violates Salute v Pitchess and Guillory v Gates. Investigations of ‘dual issue and ‘no issue’ departments take time. In addition someone who was denied must come forward and stand for the Constitution. When we have both we have a ‘perfect storm’ situation. It is not TBJ’s mission to beat up on those who are unwilling to come forward and take a stand. You all have your own reasons. By the same token it is foolish for anyone with a CCW to step forward and announce that their Chief or Sheriff has a fair policy simply because they were issued one. Fair is determined by whether you are standing in front of or behind a just fired weapon. By the same token it is also inappropriate to attack someone who is suing for a CCW unless you are privy to the investigation and the applicants Good Cause. I also want to point out that discussing your Good Cause or someone else’s on a public forum is reckless at best.

TBJ is here to help those that are capable of helping themselves. If you have a legitimate need under 12050 PC and not an ‘entitlement’ we would like to hear from you. Billy Jack has over 33 years investigating government corruption at all levels. If you have not figured it out yet, misapplication of a CCW Policy or state or Federal law is corruption. The United States Constitution was created to establish the rights of all Americans. It has since been defended by the spilling of blood of many generations of brave men and women in many lands. Billy Jack will keep that tradition and continue to defend the Constitution and its Amendments.

Billy Jack will not respond here to any counter posts. That is not what I am about. I have provided our website address where you may raise serious, probative questions about CCW’s and I or another member will respond to your questions. Those who know who Billy Jack is know I will not abandon this mission and why I have adopted this persona.

“When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law, just a fight for survival!” Billy Jack


10-18-2007, 7:58 PM

Thanks for fighting the good fight. I would love to be a test case for you but don't think I have a "need" for a CCW. I'm just a San Mateo county resident w/ a spotless record who would like to carry for his own protection (I had a permit when I lived in Oklahoma). But if you can use me as a candidate let me know.

10-18-2007, 8:27 PM
Good luck with your efforts.

10-26-2007, 3:07 PM
Billy Jack now has a new blog (http://californiaconcealedcarry.com/blog/).

He will not be posting there daily, but on an occasional basis.

Feel free to visit and post your comments.

10-26-2007, 3:46 PM
Thanks for posting this. I'm currently looking into whether or not I may be able to help the cause in San Francisco. :)