View Full Version : 1,000 rounds of .223 bullets, 55 grain FMJ-BT

10-16-2007, 5:00 PM
I will be ordering a 1000 for myself and the shipping is a flat 10 dollar rate for 1k-5k bullets. these are BULLETS ONLY. Not loaded ammo.

I figure i'd share the deal and see if anyone would want to go in on it also. Local buyers only since it will be shipped to my address and am not willing to ship it out else where.

price is 79.99 shipped for a 1000 and these are brand new 55 grain FMJ boat tails. 69.99 per 1k without shipping.

Will be ordering them tomorrow afternoon, and will only order up to 5k. PM me your contact info if interested and I will PM you mine back.

I'm located in the south bay area (near LAX, not nor cal).

10-16-2007, 6:31 PM
any other bullets available?
i'm thinking 308, 303 (actually .311), and .30

10-17-2007, 10:14 PM
What brand?