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10-16-2007, 7:04 AM
I've been interested in a .22 rimfire conversion for some time, and found that EBR-like uppers are available in .22. One popular source is Spike's Tactical http://www.spikestactical.com/catalog/home.php.

There were various ways to go, but no really good way to get 10 round magazines for these things. One outfit makes 25-30 rounds mags that have gotten great reviews, Black Dog Machine in Idaho. I wrote BDM yesterday and received this reply this morning:

we are going to do a mod to our mag that will have a pin molded in and a logo that says 10 rd. only, by the end of the month

Kevin Rich
Black Dog Machine LLC
22843 Buskirk Dr.
Middelton Idaho 83644
shop/fax 208-585-6581
cell 208-989-7443
FFL 07 SOT class 2

Most excellent! The uppers are virtually indistinguishable from the centerfire calibers, are available in various configurations. Reports on AR15.com are encouraging, and this looks like a lot of fun. Not only are they perfectly legal in Whackyland, but cheap to shoot, without any diminution in "cool!"

There is a thread on Rifleman's Forum about this, and on AR15.com in AR15 Rimfire and Pistol conversions.

10-16-2007, 9:19 AM
I'd want more permanent capacity reduction than that.