View Full Version : How YOU Can Help "Team Billy Jack" Liberalize Issuance of CA CCWs!

10-13-2007, 11:49 AM
(For background on the case, see: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=69602
and www.californiaconcealedcarry.com.)

This morning I saw this call for assistance on the TBJ website:

TBJ can use your assistance. California has over 600 LE departments. Many are using a CCW Policy by LEXIPOL LLC. This Policy is at the center of Federal litigation and it would be most helpful to identify as many departments using it as possible. It is not available under Discovery but it is available via the PRA. TBJ does not have the time to contact all departments in California as we are sort of tied up investigating multiple departments using this and other suspect policies. If you could contact your departments by phone, letter or in person and simply ask: "Is your department using a CCW Policy produced by LEXIPOL LLC?" This would provide valuable assistance In correcting statewide abuses in the issuance of CCW's.

My take is that while PRAs would be preferred (i.e., they're official), normal inquiries via mail, phone or in person will help.

Since, acc to LEXIPOL's (http://www.lexipol.com/) FAQs page (http://www.lexipol.com/faq.html), "almost half of the law enforcement agencies in California currently subscribing to our standard setting manual system," finding out which CA LE agencies use their materials is vital. With >600 CA LE agencies, this will be a massive undertaking. But it will also have a equally massive impact on CCW issuance in CA, and could very well affect your chances of getting a CA CCW. Also, since there are so many agencies, coordinating thru TBJ will help avoid needless duplication of efforts and make sure that all agencies are contacted.

All interested, please step forward by contacting Team Billy Jack at: http://www.californiaconcealedcarry.com/feedback.html