View Full Version : Franklin Armory Billet Lower ?

03-06-2013, 9:45 PM
I came across this post which seemed to imply there are two types of billet lowers, I was under the impression that there was just one billet lower....

Ammo Bros in Ontario had some Franklin billet lowers for $399.. they had a New Frontier poly lower assembley for $299

Turners was taking $289 deposits for Franklin Libertas billet lowers

Are there two different billet lowers and if so can someone tell me what the difference is between the two?


03-06-2013, 10:10 PM
Maybe the 400 dollar one is complete vs stripped? Why not call and ask?

03-06-2013, 10:30 PM
Franklin only makes one billet lower and it is the "Libertas". I bought mine there the other week stripped for 289...

far from tactical
03-07-2013, 1:40 AM
I have seen and felt the franklin lowers from turners all I have to say they feel awesome and looks like there built beefy I may have to put money Down and get me one

03-07-2013, 5:38 AM
They are the same.

03-07-2013, 5:58 AM
Thanks guys. I did order one yesterday in ontario but saw the post last night and thought maybe i bought the wrong one.