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10-11-2007, 7:10 PM
From a Virginia Citizen Defense League e-mail alert: http://www.vcdl.org/

"Virginia Citizens Defense League . . . is on a mission to root out every nugget of gun control it can detect in Virginia. It has been behind campaigns to make sure concealed weapons are allowed in local government buildings, even civic centers, and fought to open up state and local parks to concealed weapons."
The Daily Press - Nov 27, 2006

"They're pretty effective, I have to give them credit."
Jim Sollo, Chairman of Virginians Against Handgun Violence
Virginian Pilot - Nov 11, 2002

You may recall that Judge Pugh of the Newport News Circuit Court was
not issuing CHPs to members of the military stationed in Newport News
unless they met with him personally and offered proof that they
planned on staying in Virginia when their term in the military was

That was illegal and unfair to our men and women who serve so
selflessly in the military.

I had contacted Judge Pugh's office and explained that Virginia law
said permits were to be issued to military members whether that was
their permanent home or they were just stationed there temporarily.

No effect.

Even though the Newport News City Council had no influence over the
problem, VCDL members let them know about it back in November of
2006, hoping that City Council might talk to Judge Pugh.


VCDL then decided that it would foot the bill to have a member of the
military take the matter before the Virginia Court of Appeals. We
just needed the member of the military to say 'no' to Judge Pugh's
demands and to let the Judge deny the application.

That person, Christopher Deteresa, who is a Military Police officer
nonetheless, stepped up to the plate and was turned down for his
permit in May of 2007.

VCDL then turned his case over to attorney Richard Gardiner to appeal.


The Court of Appeals, after giving the Judge some basic English
lessons (I can just picture the Court of Appeals rolling its
collective eyes), ordered Judge Pugh to cease denying permits to the
military stationed in his jurisdiction solely because they are not
permanent residents!

Judge Pugh could have easily avoided this embarrassment, but wouldn't
listen to reason. Oh, well.

This ruling will apply to the entire state, so if there are any other
judges who decide to play such games with our military, we now have
the tool to stop such abuse.

VCDL would like to thank CPT Deteresa, who is currently deployed, for
not only fighting for his country, but also fighting for the rights
of his military comrades. He could have caved-in to Judge Pugh to
get his permit, but he refused so as to put an end to Judge Pugh's

Here is a link to the ruling:


10-12-2007, 10:38 AM
only if we had such an organization with balls in california. *sigh*

10-12-2007, 2:34 PM
only if we had such an organization with balls in california. *sigh*

We have. Team Billy Jack.