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10-10-2007, 8:13 PM
The question is why do I see alot of AR set ups with the flashlight mounted on the right side of the rifle? I would think that mounting the light on the left side of your AR rifle , which would be the opposite side of the ejection port, would be easier to reach the on and off button on the back of the light.

10-10-2007, 9:03 PM
I use the thumb of my support hand (left hand) that's around the foregrip with the light's tail cap, so the right side of the rifle is what makes sense.

10-11-2007, 12:52 AM
TD vertical grip and pressure switch;)

10-16-2007, 1:28 PM
The question is, "Do you choke the chicken?" If you are a chicken-choker, then right-side makes sense. If you are all thumbs (thumbs-forward) then left side makes most sense.

Personally I would like the light mounted at 6:00, but they don't have a pressure switch for my Gladius yet and I do not like knuckle activation. So 9:00 for me.

10-16-2007, 1:37 PM
i have a streamlight TLR-1 under my handguard in front of my vertical grip works great for me.

10-16-2007, 3:45 PM
The right side is much more ergonomical and easy to use, especially if you want to modulate the tail cap to do a quick flash. I hold my VFG Fonzie style but still have the light on the right hand side, I've tried to mount it on the left hand side. But try to articulate your thumb when it's straight up, ain't gonna happen with any repeatability or accuracy.

Now if we're talking no VFG than the left hand side does make it easier, but still much less ergonomical than the right hand side with a VFG. And let's remember when we're talking right hand side we're talking offset and on the right, not just simply on the right.

And last but not least, when the rifle is slung with a sling, anything mounted on the left hand side will be a pain in the nuts or back, literally. There are methods to the madness, it's not always just to be tacticool.