View Full Version : CA 03 FFL selling C&R guns while out of state

02-27-2013, 8:48 PM
My apologies if this has been discussed, did a search but did not find aswers ..
I have a couple of guns that i would like to sell, perhaps at the next Big Reno show in April, but not sure how to do it 100% legally.
The guns are:

1. An old SxS coach shotgun that could be a pre 1899 antique but with no way to prove it, will treat as C&R shotgun.

2. C&R pistol

So as i walk around the show with a sign listing these 2, i think its perfectly legal to sell to an 01 or 03 FFL from any state, all i need is a copy of their FFL for my book.

Where it gets tricky is how to sell to a non FFL - either NV or another state resident.
Do we need to find a local 01 FFL for transfer regardless of whether the buyer lives in NV ? What if a buyer is not a NV resident, say from UT or AZ - will NV FFL be able to do the transfer ?
Last but not least, whose info do i put into my book - the buyer's or FFL doing the transfer ?

02-27-2013, 10:08 PM
See (c)(1).

Whenever you do a transfer via a FFL, you log the weapon to the FFL as he will also be logging it in and out of his book.