View Full Version : SOLD - AK Sidefolding stock, 780rds 7.62x54R Czech Silvertip

10-05-2007, 10:00 AM
Everything sold, THANKS!

Hey everybody I have a case of Czech silver tip 7.62x54R (780 rounds) for sale. It is steel cased, I opened the case to make sure it didn't have stripper clips. Price is $125 locally, I won't ship the ammo.

Also selling a romy sidefolding stock. No trunnion or screws included - what you see is what you get. They will fit a standard rear trunnion (like a romy). Price is 45$ shipped or 40$ F2F. I am located in upper San Mateo County.


10-06-2007, 8:04 AM
I assume since you opened the ammo, you feel it's in good condition. I'll take it. PM sent.


10-17-2007, 7:22 PM
Build Party people get this for a sweet wire stock. we can spot welt it open and (repark it)so no OAL worries. Nice upgrade for a little $.

10-20-2007, 11:13 AM
someone buy this thing before I do. Im starting to feel like Ivan.

10-20-2007, 5:11 PM
I'll take the stock shipped for $45 if you are o.k. with Paypal. (No haters please! :D )

F.A.S. Out