View Full Version : What to Do if a PD/SO Refuses to Comply w/a PRA Request

10-04-2007, 4:32 PM
While Don Perata's back-room politics may have gutted this years PRA reform effort of any real "teeth" (http://www.calaware.org/news/weekly_detail.php?article_id=1665), looking over http://www.thefirstamendment.org/capra.html and reading,

Access Tip Look to access laws (e.g. Legislative Open Records Act, IRS rules, court cases) that permit inspection and copying of records of agencies not subject to the Public Records Act. Many local jurisdictions also have “Sunshine” laws that grant greater rights of access to records.

reminded me that may local gov'ts (cities and counties) in CA have Sunshine laws, including SF (http://www.sfgov.org/site/sunshine_index.asp). Since SF is a consolidated city-county, that law may apply to both the Sheriff's Office as well as the Police Dept re their issuance of CCWs.

So, if some cities or counties refuse to comply to your PRA request, don't give up until after you've spent a few minutes searching the internet and calling their local reps (city council members, county supervisors, etc.) to see if there is a local law that gives you a Plan B for getting the info you want (e.g., "Good Cause" statements of applicants who were issued CCWs). Just don't volunteer what you are searching for or why. ;)