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10-04-2007, 2:26 PM
Thanks again!

I was at the Sunnyvale Rod and Gun club last Saturday. After my girlfriend and I ran a few hundred rounds thru the XD and my SU16, I see a guy lighting off a freaking hand cannon. There's a small crowd of gawkers watching the huge daylight muzzle flash commenting on the pressure wave the thing puts out. The owner is then asking if any of us want to try it.

It's got the short barrel on it, too. Now I thought the long barrel was scary, something this short, even with compensator, seemed *insane*. But I waited my turn-this guy could've charged E ticket prices to ride, and he'd still have a line!-and stepped up.

Now from my previous thread, you'll know I had been trying to get used to the long trigger of the XD. A high end pistol with super smooth trigger action goes off practically before you're ready. I'm pretty sure I was on paper but behind that ring of fire I couldnt be sure. Still, recoil wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared, and even as limp wristed as I tend to be I had the pistol under control before I was 40 degrees off horizontal. I want one now!

I tell ya, I think I needed a cigarette after that. Whoooo! "Awesome" doesn't quite describe it.

Nor does it describe the gun's owner. Not only letting strangers take a shot with a pistol that many of us can only dream of buying (and feeding), but also letting me keep the spent casing as a souvenier. That's definitely not the type of people you'd encounter at some Vegan anti gun pro electric car festival (they get crabby if you even touch their modified golf carts-seriously!) but it seems more than par for the course at most of the ranges (sanctioned or not) that I've visited during my life.

Thanks again!



10-04-2007, 3:08 PM
You sure it wasn't Iggy?:D

10-04-2007, 3:14 PM
Reminds me of myself an Angeles last night, I let whoever wanted to fire the Desert Eagle shoot it. I always appreciated it when people let me fire their firearms so I try to return the favor.

10-04-2007, 3:14 PM
You sure it wasn't Iggy?:D

he just got your fingerprints! :eek:

10-04-2007, 4:28 PM
I got to shoot a 4" w/ compensator version at one of the Shoot-N-Ques and it was awesome!

Wrist hurt, but the shot was incredible. I need one.... :D

10-04-2007, 4:33 PM
I thought about getting one, but then full powder load 44 mags with a small bullet still make me flinch.

I could care less about those exotic calibers before I reloaded, but now...

10-04-2007, 5:31 PM
i still have an hankin' for the survival version, the 2 3/4" barrel version withi the orange hogue grips...

comes with a leican case with a few other goodies... ;)

plus CDNN has a box of ammo for under $20.

10-04-2007, 6:33 PM
i've seen a few survival versions at target masters in milpitas. i havent shoot one, but i think reeds in santa clara has one for rent. how about that for a ccw gun?

10-04-2007, 6:36 PM
i've seen a few survival versions at target masters in milpitas. i havent shoot one, but i think reeds in santa clara has one for rent. how about that for a ccw gun?

The bear defense model? I'd rather face the bear :p

10-05-2007, 5:33 AM
Very nice for someone to let anyone shoot their firearms let alone one so expensive to shot.....and to give the casing away TOO.......MUST not be a reloader!!!! Gotta think those huge cases are spendy. Was a forum member for sure? Nice guy for sure either way!

10-05-2007, 5:52 AM
That is awesome he let anyone that wanted to shoot it. I would like to be that way, but I struggle with not knowing a persons skill set before handing them one of my firearms.

With that said, I really want the 460. Something about 45/454/460 that intrigues me. More versatile I guess.

10-05-2007, 12:31 PM
What factory loads were you shooting. I've shot Magtech , Horady and Cor-Bon in a variety of grains as well as some hot loads someone made for me and none have came close to the felt recoil and BANG of the Winchester S500PTHP. Its like shooting a whole different gun with them. 1800Fps/2877Ftlbs :eek:


10-05-2007, 12:36 PM
I believe those were his own reloads, if I remember 42grains of powder driving
that big bullet.. there's another member who shot 6 rounds and went WOW, can I shoot six more? I think he's the only one that's shot more than 2-3 rounds in a row. but then again he's impervious to recoil just like Ivanimal :) I'll ask him tomorrow.

10-05-2007, 12:36 PM
i know what you mean.. My buddy Pat let me shoot his Big 50 at the range and i was hooked.. i almost wanted a cigg again. but i have been clean for over a year now.:D