View Full Version : Trigger work for XD 45 in San Jose, CA area?

10-04-2007, 2:12 PM
I've had my 4" XD for about almost a year now. Sadly I only get to the range every couple of months.

And I find that I'm terrible with the XD. Everything at 25 yards is consistently about a foot low and to the left. I finally (over 300 rounds later) got to where I can put maybe half my shots within a ten inch circle, trying my best to slow down the trigger pull. The rest, within that same low and left area.

It seems to me that the trigger pull is extremely long. Can this be shortened without compromising the pistol's inherent safety? can I get it so I can't feel the spring tightening like my plastic nerf gun triggers do?

And is there a good, local shop in the Bay Area I can take it to?


Bob Hostetter
10-04-2007, 3:31 PM
If you go to the XD forum you will see a couple of different options available for the XD. Several people offer a semi drop in kit that is pretty easy to install if you are good at working on your pistol. Most will also install the same kit for a reasonable price. Either way it offers a huge improvement. If you have an questions about the kits feel free to drop me a PM, I have a little experience with them.

10-05-2007, 9:35 AM
I put a Springer Precision kit in my XD-9 and it's a BIG improvement (lightens trigger, shortens reset and pretravel). I've tried other XD's that Scott (Springer Precision) and Rich (Canyon Creek) did the triggers and they was awesome. If you don't feel comfortable polishing the trigger parts, I'd send it to Scott or Rich, they're worth the price. The only thing bad are the shipping charges :eek:

10-05-2007, 10:31 AM
I had a to make some adjustments to how I gripped my XD. Too tight of a grip, or anticipation, and it goes low and left. Not centering the pad of my finger on the trigger, pulls to the right. After a few adjustments its possible to put 10 in a Hershey bar at 25 yards.